About me

HR professional |Foodie |Blogger |Travel Addict |Forever a seeker |Nature Lover

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  • Born to be a wife to a foodie, yes it runs in the family. Our best discussions, arguments and my victories are won over a five course meal.
  • Outspoken and fearless when it comes to talking to strangers. Totally love random encounters and connections.
  • Pet-lover and would love, love to own one if I can convince the man of the house. Oh, even a 7 course meal can’t change his mind.
  • Traveller, forever a seeker and nature lover. I capture memories and remind myself everyday to be forever grateful.
  • Nocturnal kind-a-girl and can end my day watching the stars and listening to music or watching movies with the people I love. By now you know am not really a morning person, but hey a breakfast morning with friends can be a huge incentive.
  • I am forever a believer of karma and student of life.