Sahara Grill – The Mall, Jumeirah

Clearly this place is one of the best Desi grills in town. I was here for their launch and post that visited them again this week. I must say the quality and taste of the food has only gotten better.

The service is fab. We were served by John who was extremely helpful, very attentive and a very happy soul !
We were here one afternoon and had a great time. We started the experience with fresh juices a Watermelon juice and another Pineapple Sunset. The Pineapple juice was a mix of pineapple and strawberries, a very different combination with great taste.
In the starters we called for Sahara Shrimps and Sahara Lamb chops. The shrimps were battered, deep fried and coated with their signature sauce. Extremely fresh and with a perfect flavour, these are simply irresistible.
The tender lamb chops marinated with their signature spices and flame grilled to perfection just the way we wanted it. You can choose how you want to have the chops grilled and we went with it well done. Now these lamb chops are definitely not to be missed when here. I remembered then from my last visit and called for them this time as well. Again, fresh, lean and perfect tasting, these are A MUST HAVE !
We had a Greek Salad Supreme as well. This salad is every non-salad lovers dream. Chicken Steak strips with desi flavours grilled to perfection on a bed of onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta
In the mains, we had a portion of the the Sahara flamed grilled chicken. A quarter of the chicken that is fresh (yes, not frozen) and locally sourced marinated with signature Sahara grilled spices and again flame grilled to order. With an option to call for two sides, I called for corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. The chicken was very juicy and fresh. I love good corn on the cob and this was was exceptional – tender and well grilled.
We also called for a Beef Fillet Steak with seasoned rice and steak chips on the side. We had it with the pepper sauce. The beef is very well selected and was grilled to perfection (well done) as per my request.
We ended the meal on a sweet note with the Chocolate Decandent as suggested by John. This dessert has layers of rich chocolate cake and a brownie delight ice cream wrapped in a band of chocolate. What’s best is that there are flakes of chocolate sprinkled on top and pieces of dar chocolate inside the cake. A true delight !
Sahara Grill, you never fail to impress !

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