RYE: Retreat Yourself Everyday

A brain child of Dr. Daamini Shrivastav, RYE is all about health and fitness. Be it through her quick blog of 5 key aspects on various fitness topics, busting of various health and fitness myths with the use of scientific fact and reasoning, some simple, quick and healthy recipes or exercising through Pilates.

Dr. Daamini is a young physician who juggles her time between handling PR & Marketing for hospitals and clinics in the UAE and Kuwait, writing columns for a health & fitness column in a leading magazine publication and completing her exams to be a full-fledged Pilates instructor with a focus in therapeutic Pilates. Having completed her medical studies at Cardiff School of Medicine in the UK and having trained in Surgery, General Medicine and Accident & Emergency medicine, she combines her medical science knowledge with her knowledge that she has gained from both personal experience and excessive reading to advise, guide and inspire those around her.

With everyone being so busy in their daily routine, it is impossible for us to take off time to detox, meditate or spend weeks at a retreat. Our routine with the absence of some “me” time on the long run can lead to health issues and hence it is important that we build in some time for ourselves and make a change to our lives by adapting some simple and easy health, fitness and wellness experiences as part of our daily routine and also ensuring that this does not burn a hole in our pocket. TheRYElife allows you to bring the ‘Retreat Experience’ to your home by following the simple and easy tips and suggestions shared by Doctor. It is all about wholesome living and includes taking off some time to exercise as well.

My personal training session :  Dr. Daamini is a firm believer that every person needs a different kind of training  and hence her sessions are only one-to-one. The center is in Downtown Dubai and is well equipped with the required instruments that includes a Reformer.

While providing my details, I did mention to them about my leg injury where I had broken a bone and still on the path to recovery. My training was customised for body balance and relaxation. I was told about the right body posture and how it is important to not go with myths that the spine has to be straight when God has made it with curves.

I spent my session on the reformer working on a couple of stretches and did a few body balancing exercises. The 60 minutes session is totally relaxing.


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