Jodhpur Royal Dining – Ramadan Iftar preview 2017

I feel truly privileged being the first blogger to preview the Ramadan Iftar menu at Jodhpur. Just like always Chef Pradeep Khullar never failed to impress! Chef Pradeep, Chef Shashwat and the friendly staff made this a absolutely wonderful experience.

The outstanding thing about this times Ramadan Menu is the surprise element in every dish. It is an extensive menu and definitely worth the price.

What better way than to open your fast with some amazing dates. They are not the regular dates and have a surprise element to them – dates stuffed with rice crisps and dark chocolate. There are also dates coated with coconut milk powder and with feuilletine all served in a gorgeous way.

For the drinks we tried the fab Passion fruit and Wild Berry mocktails and I should say that every minute detail is taken care of from the combinations of flavours, to the presentation and taste. These are not part of the set menu though.

For those who have not visited yet, you need to try Chef Pradeep’s signature amuse-bouche “the Macaron chaat” which followed next. It is macarons stuffed with tangy filling & served as chaat; an amazing concept where you feel like you are eating a macaron but with so much of desiness to the taste buds.

There is a huge selection of starters and we tried most of them. We started with a sphere served with toasted bread. Now it would be impossible to guess the surprise element here. The sphere is a Red Kidney Bean Hummus sphere coated with orange juice jelly and served with toasted bread.

Next followed the Nadru galette with mooli akhrot chutney. Not many of us would know what nadru is, it is the lotus stem and believe me, it was delicious as a shallow fried tikki with lentils and seasoned with herbs. It was topped with grated radish and walnut chutney. It has a tamarind pulp in the center which you would not know until you have had a big bite of it.

Then came the Lamb Haleem with chaat like toppings. This is definitely a first of its kind that I have seen and what should I tell you about it. It was so delicious that I just could not resist it. The haleem is cooked for 24 hours, seasoned with fresh herbs & spices garnished with onions, potato wool, coriander roots, lemon juice and browned onions. You definitely can’t get enough of this !

More starters continued with the Kolivada Prawn. These were tempura prawns fried till crisp, tossed in onion chillies masala with curry leaves and served with beetroot & wasabi. You would not even know these are prawns until you have been told or till you have a bite of it. Yummy is the word !

The last of the starters now were the Beef Koftas with strawberry chilli chutney, yes strawberry chilli ! These were spheres of pulled beef wrapped in kataifi and fried till crunchy and drizzled with strawberry & green chillies chutney. This combination itself is so crazily unique and so was the taste.

A Mango, Cranberry & Kaffir Lime Sorbet followed which is a palate cleanser that helped neutralise the lingering flavors for me to enjoy the main course.

In the mains we started with the Ghee roast mutton boti with Dosai crisps. One of my personal favourites from this Menu. Succulent boneless lamb leg cooked in South Indian style that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting for more. Served with crisp dosa cones this is a great combination.

Then there was the Pinwheel basil paneer in Pukhtan curry. It had pinwheel made from cottage cheese stuffed with basil and coriander mixture served with sauce made with bottle gourd, cashews & green cardamom. Served with parathas, this was just irresistible.

There was also the speciality Faux Dal Makhni that has moong dal replaced by black urad & processed exactly the same way Dal makhni is made so that the taste is not compromised & diner doesn’t feel bloated after eating. With the Chur-Chur Kulcha, a kulcha stuffed with cottage cheese, onions, chiiles & cumin seeds cooked in tandoor & crushed with hands you can keep eating this and not realise how much you have actually eaten.

We ended the meal with a Chicken Biryani served with some amazingly delicious berry raita. This berry Raita is again an absolute fav.

After you take a gasp of breath, follows the desserts to end your Iftar meal. There was the Mango 2 ways in forms of cheese cake & kulfi. The cheese cake was topped up with fresh chopped alphonso and garnished with sesame glass sheet made with liquid glucose. Alphonso mangoes are my favourite and this cheesecake was supremely delicious. There was Sticky Pudding topped with a caramelised banana barrel served with cinnamon Ice cream.

I should say that all these dishes are very innovative and the most unusual combinations give a great taste to the food. The creativity of Chef Pradeep clearly stands out. This is a must visit this Ramadan !

Thank you team Jodhpur for this wonderful experience ! You guys manage to surprise us over and over again 🙂


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