Nubia Restaurant & Cafe Business Bay

Arabic cuisine has such a variety and each one of them have a different and unique preparation. It is time for you to indulge at this new Egyptian eatery overlooking the gorgeous Dubai Canal.

Nubia serves some exceptionally good Egyptian food and their service is great.The place has a large indoor and outdoor seating. Even indoors, the smoking and non-smoking rooms are separate giving you plenty of choices.

We were here one afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the meal. We were served by Islam and Jenny who were very helpful, friendly and gave some excellent recommendations on what we should eat.

For the drinks we called for a Mango and Kiwi juice and a Pomegranate juice. The Mango and Kiwi was excellent – think mango pulp with kiwi. The Pomegranate juice was absolutely fresh and refreshing.

In the starters we called for Kofta and a Grilled Chicken. The Kofta was so tender and with the right amount of spices that we could not resist but finish it all. The Grilled Chicken is a good size half chicken grilled to perfection.

We had a Koshary for the mains. This is the national dish of Egypt and I love it. The Koshary here was good too with rice, lentils, chickpeas & pasta topped with a garlicky, spicy tomato sauce & fried onions.

The best is for the last – the desserts. They have a wide variety of Basbusa and we tried the Nutella Basbusa. It was yummy. My favourite and the show stopper of the day was the Umm Aly – rich and creamy yet not very heavy garnished with dry fruits, I simply loved it.


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