Entrecote Cafe de Paris Downtown Dubai

This restaurant seems very popular with tourists and residents. Now who does not visit Dubai Mall be it a tourist or someone living in Dubai (of course after cribbing about the traffic and parking), we all love the mall and it is to my surprise how I have crossed this restaurant so many times and never tired it.

The interiors and the furniture give a antique and rustic look to the place yet very classy. The staff are friendly and helpful. The concept is simple and carries a legacy of the original cafe is Geneva where it was started. It is all about the Cafe de Paris sauce that is served with the premium cut of beef steaks. We were told that the sauce is flown into Dubai from Geneva as it is a secret recipe and is only known to the owners / founders of the cafe until now. This place for sure is classified correctly as a fine dine for the quality of food it serves.

In this world full of choices and difficult decisions we need to make with so many choices, this cafe is an absolute marvel when it comes to deciding on what to eat. With a simple menu for the food, the restaurant gives you a choice of New Zealand, Australian or Japanese Wagyu beef with the secret Cafe de Paris sauce. It is served with a green salad and unlimited home-made fries. We were served by Dianne who was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the restaurant and the food.

They have a good selection of drinks and milkshakes. We called for a non-alcoholic champagne and a Classic Mojito. I have tried the champagne ages ago and I throughly enjoyed this one. The classic mojito was great as well.

The salad came is first and was fresh. The dressing on the salad was good too. A healthy way to start the meal. We chose the New Zealand and Australian beef for the steaks. Dianne asked us for our preference of the meat and suggested these. In fact, when we asked for a lean fat free steak she suggested the New Zealand cut and we totally loved it. The Australian beef has a little fat and was well done too. The Cafe de Paris sauce goes very well with the steak and the fries add to the flavour.

After the healthy eating, it was time for the sin – the desserts. We had a Gataeu au Chocolat, a home made cake served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. The cake is so rich with all that chocolate and with the vanilla ice cream, it was just irresistible. After taking a bite of the chocolate cake and thought that it was the best, I had to rethink my opinion on having the Sticky Date Pudding cake that we also called for. The warm caramel sauce had soaked into the cake and with the ice cream on top of the date cake melting into it, it was fabulous with the walnuts and slices of cut dates.


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