TOMO – Raffles Dubai

This is a restaurant with a view and should I say a mesmerising one. Located right in the heart of the city next to the Wafi Mall and on the 17th floor of the Raffles Hotel, this place is a great place to relax and unwind with friends or family or for a gorgeous romantic evening.

The ambience is awesome. The view of the the hustle bustle of the city traffic and the tall sky scrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road are mind blowing.There restaurant is spread across a complete floor and has a bar area, a sushi counter and seating area and two outdoor sections. There are the regular tables and chairs as well as low traditional tables where you sit on pillows on the floor. These are both indoors and outdoors.
The service is great and the staff are very attentive and helpful. We were served by Lea and Love. Lea knew the food very well and gave us some excellent suggestions.
We called for a Passion Fruit Mojito to drink. A little sweet for my taste but the drink was good with passion fruit, puree and lime juice.
We started our meal with Boiled Edamame and a Japanese Crab Stick Salad and a Miso Soup King Crab. We also called for a portion of the Chicken Gyoza and a variety of assorted sashimi, sushi and makki rolls. I love the edamame and it is a must have, a little bit of spice on it, they were fabulous. A salad with thousand island dressing and crab sticks is inviting enough and with the fresh vegetables, it tasted great. The gyozas were the best I have had. Minced chicken and vegetables in home-made fried dumplings, just too good. The miso soup tasted great and the crab meat was really fresh.
The huge variety of assorted sashimi, sushi and makki rolls arrived on a lovely boat shaped dish. We had the Spider Roll, the California Roll, the Dragon Roll and the Tempura Roll.We also had the Futomaki, the Salmon the Chutoro tekka tuna and the Otoro tekka tuna sashimi. The assortment of the makki and sushi were really good and were served with home-made ginger. The home-made ginger is known to be a palate cleanser and this one was exceptionally good. We were told by the Chef himself that Tomo is the only restaurant that makes it fresh in Dubai.
I had to skip the mains after all what we have eaten. We ended the meal with the Mochi Ice Cream that had ice cream covered in Japanese rice cake in the Green Tea and Sesame flavoured ice creams. We also had a Cake Sanshu that had 3 pieces of homemade small cakes – a chestnut cake, a baked cheese Cake and a rolled milk cake. The sweet quotient is just right in the desserts and the cakes were great. The ice cream have an authentic taste and would probably need some getting used to in order to enjoy the taste.
An excellent experience and actually feels on top of the world being here !

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