Yugen, Jumeirah

With fusion food on the rise, Yugen is a new kid on the block located in a prominent location and seems to be pretty famous with the Emiratis. Its a fusion of Japanese and Mexican food with a touch of Saudi and Indian fusion as well.

The place is huge and has a lot of seating outdoor and indoors. The indoor seating is on 2 levels. It is done up very differently with dim lighting and huge sculptures of horses and camels. The indoor seating has a table with swing chairs that really caught my attention as  I would so love to enjoy the swing while relishing my food.

For the drinks we called for Cherry Blossom and a Yellow Submarine mocktails. The Cherry Blossom has pomegranate, rosemary syrup and green tea and the Yellow Submarine has passion fruit, mango puree, mint and lemon juice.

I love how the menu is designed and shows each course as “Acts”. So for the starters – Act I, we called for a Corn on the cob, Dynamite Truffle fries and a portion of “Under the Mexican Sun”.

Now if you are a corn lover, you definitely cannot miss this one. It was an amazingly tender corn on a cob cut into good seized pieces and had mexican paprika gravy, cheddar dip and herb bouquet. The topping on the corn only made it tastier. The fries have option of thick or thin fries and we opted for the thin ones that had black truffle shaving and dynamite sauce. One dish that is unforgettable is the “Under the Mexican Sun” which was the paratha beef tacos. Well cooked and tender beef wrapped in a paratha served like tacos, the sight of this and the taste were simply amazing.We loved the starters and could not get our hands off them.

For Act II – the mains, we called for the Fusion lover “sushi”. Crispy prawn, scallion, avacado, sriracha sauce, teriyaki glaze and Japanese seven spice. I want so convinced of this when I asked for it but when I took the first bite I was so glad that we were recommend this. This is amazingly different sushi rolls that I have had and they are good.

The final Act was the desserts. We called for a Chocolate Fondant that had an rich and chocolate lava filled cake served with vanilla ice cream. The more I would bite into the cake, the more I liked it. The ice cream enhanced the taste and is a great accompaniment.

A good meal for sure. I did get parking easily outside the restaurant however it can be a challenge as there is not enough parking space in and around. The service could definitely be better.



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