The Garden Grille – Fam-tastic Friday Bruch

The best thing about Friday is that you can be as relaxed as you can and enjoy your meals and I guess thats why the concept of Friday brunches came up. The brunch at the Garden Grille will spoil you with choices. With live cooking stations and well marinated meats that are grilled on selection, brunches couldn’t get better.

Pauline was kind enough to show us around the place and introduce us to all the sections in the brunch and was always around to help.

The Hilton Garden Inn wants you to relax and enjoy your brunch and they also have a  play area for children offering various indoor games and activities with kids meals served to them in the play area itself. The kids are taken good care of while you relax and enjoy your brunch.
With such a huge variety it would be difficult for me to give the details of each dish and I have tried to pen down almost all the spread that was available and what I had and enjoyed the most.
Any brunch is incomplete without breads and here you can fill yourself with only the variety of breads, croissants and cakes. There are fresh fruits, a wide variety of salads, cold cuts and antipasti. Fresh fruits are a rare sight at Brunches. This is a standard in the Friday brunch here. What’s more, you even get to freshly juice the fruits.
There something for everyone’s taste. There was the Tom-Yum soup, Dumplings and Pau in the South-East Asian cuisine. There were freshly marinated chicken, mutton and fish on skewers which are then grilled to order. Another good part of this brunch is the Pasta live cooking station where you get to customise the pasta to your preference. There was the Cumin buttered rice with the Mutton Rogan Gosh for the Indian taste buds. There was Fish with asparagus, soy and spring onion. There were various types of pies and there was the Baked Salmon with pepper sauce.
I am sure that everyone secretly looks forward to the desserts in a brunch and The Garden Grille will not disappoint you at all. There were different flavours of carrot cakes with cream and chocolate. There was the creme brûlée,a fruit pabloa, a strawberry cheese cake and a whole lot of desserts.
From this great spread I throughly enjoyed the Tom Yum, the Chicken Pau and the Balsamic Roasted vegetables. In the salads I enjoyed the baba ghanoush, the couscous salad and the tomatoes with mozzarella.
Me being a sea food lover enjoyed the steamed fish in asparagus and the baked salmon. The salmon was definitely not to miss.
In the desserts, the carrot cake certainly was my most favourite of all the desserts. It was moist, creamy and fresh and couldn’t have been better.

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