Quattro Ristorante

I have never imagined Italian and Mexican cuisine being vegetarian and Quattro has broken this perception. Given that the franchise is from Mumbai, India, there is a touch of spices in the dished giving it a different twist and meaning to Italian and Mexican food. What’s more is that, there is molecular gastronomy introduced to the presentation giving a dreamy feeling to the way the food is presented

The interiors are great, the staff are overly helpful and the food is great. This is definitely not the regular, average place in Mankhool and the food is priced accordingly and justifies the quality and the presentation of the food.

We called for a Classic Virgin Mojito that was served in a unique way with candy floss on top to replace sugar and was dissolved with the soda being poured on it. Amazingly refreshing and perfect !

In the starters we had the Smoked Cottage Cheese, that were cottage cheese and american corn dumpling in a jar served with a chipotle ketchup. The cottage cheese reminded me of how we would make this at home. These dumplings are so tasty that you can’t keep your hands off them. Then came the Bruschetta, a must have Italian dish. Freshly toasted baguette slices topped with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, balsamic pearls and parsley foam, giving it a modern touch but tasting very original. We also have a Tex-Mex loaded skins that had roasted potato shells with corn, cheese, topped with sour cream. Now if you love potatoes (which most of us have a weakness to), you will love these. The toppings on the roasted potato went very well.

For the mains we opted for a Mexican dish – the Quesadillas and one dish from the Italian options – the Ravioli rose. I kept wondering how the Quesadillas would be given that they were vegetarian and I can’t tell you how great they were. Flour tortillas stuffed with cottage cheese, jalepenos , grilled vegetables and roasted corn, the Quesadillas were irresistible. They were served with Mexican beans , Mexican rice, guacamole and sour cream on the side.

The Ravioli rose pasta is a must have. Stuffed with spinach and riccota served with Italian plum tomatoes and cream sauce, the pasta and the sauce are both very very good. This was a recommendation from a friend and I need to thank her for the suggestion. I loved it !

It was a sweet ending to the meal with a uniquely prepared Tiramisu. It is presented unlike any Tiramisu I have seen before and tasted great as well. I would like to mention here that they also have made to order cakes in 1/2 and 1 kg in the Rasgulla Cheese cake and the Chocolate ganache flavours for Dhs 159 for a 1 kg and these will be a great try for any parties and events.



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