Ananta @ The Oberoi

Have you been to a fine dine restaurants and felt at home ? You can at Ananta as this is a fine dine that serves scrumptious food in the most simple and minimalistic way.
I was here for a tasting session and it would not have been better that a Chef associated with The Oberoi hotels for 26 years was here this evening to pass on his skills and experience to the resident chefs and also introduce them to some new dishes. Chef Parvinder was here all the way from Delhi to ensure we experienced the true taste of Punjab.
There was also a cooking session done by Chef who taught us a few dishes and explained the science behind some of the kitchen tricks and tips.
We started out meal with the drinks and called for a Guava Chatka and an Aam Panna. The Guava Chatka tasted amazingly spicy and tangy and with the salt on the rim of the glass, it was a fusion of taste. The Aam Panna had great taste as well.
The tasting session had dishes that took us through the culinary journey of Punjab. With Punjabi food, the first thing that comes to your mind is the butter chicken or the chicken tandoori but you will be surprised to know that there is so much more to it other than just these two dishes.
For the appetisers we were served the Tandoori chaampan – the lamb chops, a Sarson wala jhinga – prawns marinated in homemade mustard and a Bhatti da kukad – chicken marinated in a special marinade and with bhatti masala. Each of this started tasted really fresh, were very well marinated and were grilled to perfection. We were told that the bhatti chicken is marinated and left for 4 days.
We then took a break with the food and Chef Parvinder taught us how to make the Bhatti da kukad and the Kadai Lobster. Cooking never seemed more simple than this with chef giving us tips and tricks as well as explaining the science behind some of the cooking techniques. Even though we did not try the Kadai Lobster after it was made, I sure could feel the taste by only seeing how it was prepared.
In the main course we sampled the Chicken Butter Masala, the Rahdya meat – the lamb shank and chops and a Methi wala kadhai jhinga. These were served with a basket of breads – the makai rotis, the kulchas, tandoori breads and roomali rotis. The gravies tasted very very good and again the meats well marinated and tasting really fresh. It’s difficult to highlight which one was the best as all of them were simply awesome. There was also the Gosht dum pulao that had tender pieces of mutton in a simple preparation of pulao.
All good things must end and so did this tasting session. We were served a Punjabi dessert sampler to end our meal on a sweet note. Portions of the Badam ka halwa, pista kulfi and the Kesari phirnee were served beautifully and each one of them was delicious that I cleaned out the platter in no time.
It was a honour to meet with Chef who is so simple and humble and it was overall a great experience.

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