The Tap House ,Palm Jumeirah

Tucked behind the Shoreline apartments of the Palm Jumeirah with a small entrance is this awesome Club Vista Mare that has an amazing stretch of beach and a great vibe and this fabulous restaurant. There’s sea, sand and some great music and it would be difficult to believe that this place is right behind the hustle bustle on Palm Jumeirah.

The place is done up very well with great interiors and has good indoor and outdoor seating. The service is good and the staff are friendly. This place is well known for its casual dining and bar food where the favourites seem to be burgers so we opted to try the unknown soldiers from the menu, the dishes lesser ordered.

We called for the Chicken Tikka Empanadas with tandoori mayo. These were puffed pastries filled with chicken tikka and served with a tandoori flavoured mayo. They were tasty and the mayo only enhanced the taste. We also called for a Goat cheese croquettes that was served with a mulled wine dip. The croquettes were crispy on the outside and tasted good. Being non-alcoholic I had it without the dip.

For the mains we called for the Grilled tiger prawns with lemon better garlic sauce. My love for prawns make me order for them as soon as they are seen on the menu and am particular about the way they are cooked. These ones did not disappoint me. They were grilled to perfection and tasted amazing with the sauce. We also called for a Nasi Goreng with chicken. The Nasi Goreng came with a portion of chicken satay,  prawn crackers and a sunny side egg on top. The rice was full of flavour and the satay and egg went well with the rice.

We had a grand ending to this meal by calling for the Belgium waffles with Nutella, Salted Caramel Ice cream and burnt Marshmallows dessert. Mountains of waffle stuffed with burnt marshmallows and drizzled Nutella and salted caramel just tasted so great with the ice cream and cream that this can be a meal by itself.


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