Palm Grill, The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, JBR

I am so overwhelmed with my experience at the Palm Grill that I am unable to put together words to describe this experience. I don’t know from where to start – the property, the beautifully done up restaurant, the excellent service, the gorgeous view of the sea or the really healthy, fresh and delicious food and drinks.

There’s no better way than to spend an afternoon by the sea ! Once you are there it feels like you are on an island surrounded by the sea and this gorgeous property.The place is done up very beautifully with wood furniture and cane seating – antique yet modern. The service is excellent, rather I should say outstanding.

I have learned over the years that if you are valuable as a customer or an acquaintance, the way to know this is when the other person remembers your name. The staff here ask you for your name once and remember it. I was even surprised that the staff whom I saw for the first time and asked him to validate my valet ticket on the way out went in to the restaurant and referred to me by my name when he handed over the valet ticket. This surely feels special.

We were greeted by Stephanie who welcomed us warmly. Sally took over and and got us to a table with a gorgeous view. She took our order of the drinks and got us excellent baked vegetable chips. It was Genette then who took over from Sally and helped us till the end of the meal. All of them were exceptionally good. They know the flavours and ingredients that go into the food and give excellent suggestions. The restaurant manager Wesley also ensured that we were comfortable and checked with us if all was well.

The baked chips were so delicious and I continue eating them without stopping also because I had this at the back of my mind that they are healthy. Unbelievable baked vegetable chips of okra, beetroot, carrot, sweet potato and a few other vegetables.

We started the meal a Chocolate milkshake and a Passion fruit and elderflower mocktail. The milkshake tasted just so good and it felt like it was home made. The mocktail was really good as well and loved it as passionfruit is my favourite.

In the starters we called for a Crispy Fritto Misto. These were fried and crispy calamri and baby shrimps with lemon aioli sauce. I am not a big fan of calamari but then the way these were done, I could not resist after trying one. The baby shrimps were so so tasty that we finished them in no time. The sauce went very well with the seafood.

In the cold starters, we called for a Ceviche that had sea bass, prawns, chilli, red onions and sweet potato. The sea bass and prawns were steamed and went very well with the chilli and onions. It was so good that we continue eating the onions and sweet potato even after finishing the sea bass and prawns.

For the mains, we called for a Mixed Seafood Platter. This freshly grilled Mixed Seafood Platter is LOVE from across the world – salmon (from Scotland) , giant prawns (from Oman) and sea bass (From the Mediterranean) served with a grilled vegetable skewer, grilled garlic and grilled sweet potatoes! It was topped with the best herb dressing ever. God the seafood was so fresh, well grilled and amazing. The grilled vegetables were also so amazing that we could not resist them.

As the dessert menu had only two options we decided to try both. The amazing part about their desserts is that they are healthy. The use of Valhrona coco, coconut, tropical fruit sorbets make the flavours unique. We tried the Valhrona Chocolate and coconut and the Pineapple and Banana Verrine. Both of these were equally delicious. One with coconut & lime sponge with chocolate and banana ice cream and the other is vanilla mousse with tropical  fruit sorbet. Absolutely loved how the little ice cream sticks were presented with the dessert bowls.

A Jasmine green tea was a perfect way to end the meal as we sat there watching the sea and taking in the gorgeous view.

I can’t stop raving about the food and drinks here. Genette recommended a lemonade and we loved it. A fresh and simple lemonade yet an exotic drink. Soda, cucumber, mint and ginger, couldn’t have been more refreshing!Palm Grill, you are a true hidden gem and I love you ! I simply loved my entire experience here.



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