Mamak is another find which is a true hidden gem. From the outside you may be deceived that this place does not exist with only the canopy seen however the place is fairly large with good indoor and outdoor seating.

The food and service is great. Most of the staff are Malaysian and the place helps retains the authentic experience of visiting a Malaysian restaurant. We were served by Anuar who was Malaysian also and he was extremely patient and very helpful. I say patient as I was here with a friend and her baby who was a little demanding with Anuar as it was her sleep time and she was hungry.

I may have to say at the very beginning of this review that you would probably need to develop a taste for the Malaysian cuisine. It are extremely tasty though.

We started the meal with a Popiah Goreng which were the spring rolls filed with minced prawns and mixed vegetables served with sweet and sour chilli dip. The spring rolls were fried to perfection and tasted great.

For the salads, we called for a Kerabu Mangga, a green mango salad with onions and citrus dressing. We requested for the salad without anchovies however this comes as a standard. Green mangoes are a weakness of everyone and it can’t get better that this with the onions and the dressing.

For the drinks we called for a refreshing lime lychee drink that had lime juice, lychee and mint. This is an authentic malaysian drink and a must have when you are here. For the baby, we called for a Milo Dinosaur, iced Milo topped with milo powder. The baby really enjoyed the milo milkshake.

You can’t be at a Malaysian restaurant and not have the satay. We called for a Satay Ayam, juicy marinated chicken skewers, char-grilled and served with traditional savoury peanut sauce. These were truly amazing.

We also called for a Roti Jala, a beautifully fluffy laced crepe with chicken curry.

For the mains we called for a lot of food. We called for a Butter Prawn, fried prawns in creamy butter sauce garnished with crispy egg floss. We also called for the Nasi Lemak, an iconic Malaysian dish that had fragrant coconut steamed rice with sambal and traditional accompaniment of peanuts, hard boiled eggs and cucumbers, We again requested for this to be prepared without fried anchovies that is a standard in the preparation. This dish has options of Chicken, Veg and Meat. We chose the chicken – Ayam Goreng Berempah.

There was also the Ayam Masak Merah which is the restaurants take on a classic dish , fried chicken simmered in spicy tomato gravy. We called for a steamed rice with this.

All the dishes are extremely authentic and everything was fresh. It takes a little long for the food to arrive but then it is prepared freshly and that’s what takes time. The use of coconut and peanuts is also a very authentic way of preparing Malaysian dishes.

I can’t forget to mention that we called for a portion of homemade Fish Balls that is great for kinds. These are fresh fish balls served with sweet and sour chilli dip. The baby enjoyed in thoroughly.

After such a heavy meal, we were craving something sweet. We were served the Sagu Gula Melaka, a sagu pudding with coconut milk caramel . We also called for a Lai Chee Kang, a refreshing concoction of lychee, malva nut, sugar palm fruit, nata de coco, barley and basil seed, sweetened with palm syrup. The desserts were very tasty and again very authentic.

We ended the meal with another authentic speciality, a The Tarik, the milk tea. It was served in a large glass tumbler. It was milky and tasted nice.

Overall a great experience at this totally amazing restaurant.


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