Talise Spa

Located inside the Al Qasr Hotel in Madinat Jumeirah, this is a completely different world once you are inside.

It is a wonderful experience from the time I walked in. The staff at the reception are friendly and ensure that you are comfortable even if they are busy with other guests by seating you down in the waiting area and letting you know that they will be with you soon. Multi-tasking at its best and with so much ease as this is done when the guest is filling out the required forms.

When my turn came at the reception, I was welcomed by a friendly staff and given a hot towel to refresh myself and discuss the treatment that I had booked. On completion of the forms and the brief intro, I was introduced to a Spa assistant who showed me around the facilities and helped me with my locker. The facilities inside the spa included plunge pools, a sauna room and a steam room all of which you can use before or after the treatment depending on how much time you have in hand.

I was then asked to relax in a waiting area which had lovely stretch chairs. There were refreshments as well including teas, some detox water and fresh uncut fruits. I was then joined by the masseuse Marie who introduced herself to me and guided me to the treatment room. I had opted for a 90 minutes Balinese massage.

We walked into a large courtyard on the way to the treatment room. I was reminded on my childhood and felt like I was walking around a huge olden day villa with a big courtyard. With plenty of trees and plants, antique furniture and lots of fresh air to breathe, you know that this is a place where you are going to totally relax. What’s great about this place is that the Thai massages are also offered outdoors in a separate section. Now that a wow feeling to enjoy a massage in the midst of nature.

The treatment room is secluded and it is quiet and serene once you are inside. Marie was an excellent masseuse and was an expert at her skill. She explained to me that the Balinese is not too hard a massage and this helps with release of stress and tension by massaging certain pressure points. There are 3 options of oils to choose from depending on your skin type and mood. I opted for the relaxing oil. It was a perfect unwind and I knew that I knew I’d sleep like a baby.

Once the massage was done, I was given options either to relax or use the swimming pool. I relaxed by the pool for a bit where I was served the ginger and honey tea with dates.

Talise Spa 1

I walked out a happy bunny after this amazing experience. The only disappointment was that the reception staff did not bother to get any feedback or even ask me about the experience.

I am surely going back to this place for the Thai massage and probably try the other treatments offered.


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