The Stock Exchange

This is a uniquely themed restaurant that gives you a feel of a stock exchange with the drinks listed on the ticker and prices fluctuating based on demand and supply. The place has been around for some time now however the food menu and the way the place is managed has been revamped by the super awesome Chef Pradeep Khullar who is the Chef at their fine dine, Jodhpur!

There is a theme every night and we were here on a Wednesday night. It was the unplugged theme and we had a local band “The Seen” signing some awesome desi music. The vibe was super and people were enjoying themselves with the drinks and the food. I am told that the unplugged night gets a different band every week. The place was buzzing and I was happily surprised to see people coming in even at 12 mid-night even though the next day was a working day.

The service is really good with the staff coming over to every table and ensuring that the guests are comfortable. We were served by Arjun and the Manager Sanjay kept on coming back to us to check if all was good.

We started the evening with a Passion fruit mocktail served in a monster faced mug. I love the flavour of passion fruit so throughly enjoyed this one. We were then served the Aalo Tikki Chaat, spicy, tangy and amazingly tasty with the trio of the chutneys topped on it, it was over in no time.We then had the Chilli Cheese Baguette served with peri peri sauce. The baguette was hot and soft and the melted cheese with sprinkled chilli flakes was amazing. On a chilly evening and with some awesome music and drinks, these snacks made the evening beyond perfect.

We were also served a Kaala Khatta mocktail, the taste of which brought back memories of my teens when I enjoyed this almost on a daily basis.

Then followed the Mirchi Lamb Chops with blue cheese chips. The lamb chops were done to perfection with a crispy layer outside and well cooked meat on the inside. The blue cheese chips were irresistible. Then came the Pink & Dark Sliders – Cheetos and Chicken. These blew my mind ! Spicy chutney, rings of fresh onion, a desi style patty – totally finger licking to not finish it off. We also had a 2 minute chicken tikka noodles, pure nostalgia and delicious tasting chicken tikka with noodles.

The show stopper of the evening – the Keema Pao with green chilli pickle was brought in last. The aroma, the texture and the taste of the keema will keep you wanting for more. I just couldn’t let go of it that I got the left over packed and had them for breakfast the next morning.

It says a lot when a teetotaller like me looks forward to going back to this place as I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe, the music, the finger licking food, the awesome service, the great mocktails and the atmosphere as a whole.


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