Harper’s Bazaar Café

It’s not surprising that Harper’s Bazaar chose Dubai as their destination to open their first even venture into food. With Dubai being known for having the best and first of everything, the fashionable Harper’s Bazaar Cafe seems inspired. When fashion meets food, the outcome is definitely a fashionable place with some uniquely created food. The interiors of the restaurant are extremely chic that reflect the elegance of the brand.

We were here one afternoon and throughly enjoyed our experience. The service is good with some of the staff being extremely friendly and helpful. We were served by Jo, Orga and Lilian.

To start with we called for a Smoked Tomato Soup that had lemongrass, lime, mascarpone and basil. The presentation was fab and it tasted good as well. The soup was poured over the mascarpone and the taste of lemongrass, lime and basil went very well with the tomato soup.
We called for a a Chicken Salad that had tender pieces of grilled chicken, avocado, cashew nuts, romaine and parmesan. The greens were so fresh and with the parmesan and avocado, the salad was so refreshing.
From the light bites, we tried the Beetroot Hummus beautifully served with cucumber, carrots, rice and quinoa crackers. The hummus was so light and had a great taste of beetroot. The crackers were a good mix of both healthy and tasty stuff and the hummus went very well with the crackers.
The starters continued with the Panko Prawns. These were well fried prawns on small skewers that tasted great with the sriracha chilli sauce. We also called for a portion of the Sweet Potato fries. The fries were so good that we finished them in no time.
It was finally time for the Fall Winter Collection – the main course. We called for a Seared Scottish Salmon that was cooked in herb oil to medium pink and it was served with ratatouille and fennel capers. If you know your salmon, then you can be rest assured that these guys make it perfectly and to your taste.
We also called for a Fresh Lasagna that had a mix of beef and chicken bolognese. Well done lasagna sheets, with amazing filling of chicken and beef and so rich with cheese on top, the lasagna was irresistible.
After such a sumptuous meal it was time for the desserts. There is always room for desserts and we called for a Black Forest Gateau and 4 different types of tarts – a Tiramisu, a Caramel, a Fruit and a Chocolate tart. The black forest gateau was something very different – moist and creamy with plenty of chocolate flakes. In the tarts my favourites were the tiramisu and the chocolate tarts.
We called for a Hot Chocolate which had some amazing whipped cream and marshmallows. The Hot Chocolate is surely not a miss. We also called for a Macchiato shot that was great as well, served with cute looking cookies sprinkled with sugar; the cookies and macchiato are a great combination.
I’ve read that the Harper’s Bazaar Cafe at the Dubai Design District is also as fashionable as this place and why should it not be, as they say “Harper’s Bazaar is synonymous with sophistication, fashion and trend-setting couture.”

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