Sugar Factory – Dubai Festival City

I’ve been to a few American diners both here and in the U.S and what I see is that when the same brand opens in Dubai, they really do it the Dubai way – fancy, grand and amazing! This place is an American diner in every way, from the way it is done up to the portion size – everything is XL or a XXL size !

The interiors are pretty and the place is huge with great indoor and outdoor seating. You can also enjoy the view of the newly opened waterfront in Dubai Festival City right from the restaurant. The service is simply amazing and the staff are full of energy.
I was here one Friday morning for breakfast and had a complete food coma after eating here. We were served by Pankaj who was extremely hospitable and the Supervisor Gamal goes out of his way to ensure that you are comfortable and are enjoying the experience.
We started the meal with a Fresh Fruit bowl with granola. There were freshly diced bananas, strawberry, apple, grapes, pear and homemade granola served with yoghurt.
Then followed the latest addition to their menu the “Insane shakes”.It’s an era of crazy milkshakes and these ones were truly Insane – absolutely true to its name! You have to see them first and then taste them to relate with what I am saying. We tried two of them – a Bacon cheese burger milkshakes and a Tie-Dye Milkshake. The Bacon cheese burger milkshake has strawberry ice cream drizzled with strawberry sauce topped with whipped cream and a mini cheese burger on top with bacon strips, pretzels and M&M’s in a chocolate covered mug. Would you even imagine having a mini cheese burger with a milkshake ! The Tie-Dye milkshake had vanilla ice-cream with chocolate ganache topped with whipped cream, pop rocks, cotton candy and rainbow sprinkles. You can not only enjoy the shakes but also eat the toppings. These ‘Insane Shakes’ were just so good and could be a meal by itself.
Then followed the Manhattan eggs benedict. This one was totally different from the regular ones as it was served on home fries instead of the regular breads. Poached farm fresh eggs, smoked salmon, grilled asparagus, fresh herb hollandaise went so well with the fries that we cleaned it out in no time.
I’ve never had a burrito for breakfast and what followed next broke this record as well. We had a Breakfast Burrito that had scrambled egg, sausage, tomatoes, beef bacon wrapped in a tortilla covered with sauce. This burrito can again be had as a meal by itself and can be had as breakfast every morning.
After eating so much we were told to try the signature Goblet and we were recommended the Ocean Blue. It was a huge glass with a awesome cocktail that had a ocean like feeling to it with sharks shaped gummy bears floating in it. It was totally hypnotic as its description states in the menu with smoke coming out. It tastes good too and guess it helped with digesting the heavy food we ate.
There’s no meal complete without a dessert. We had the Nutella Pancakes, layers of pancakes and nutela with caramelised banana,small chocolate pearls and a huge portion of whipped cream. The pancakes are loaded with nutella and every layer has so much of it. The pancakes themselves are so fresh and tasty and the combination of nutella and caramelised banana make you eat more and more of it even if you think you have eaten a lot.
Overall a wonderful experience at Sugar Factory. Thank you Chef Arjun Singh and the team for this lovely experience. It was food coma for sure.

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