Farzi Cafe

This restaurant is magic. Good food always makes me happy but this food made my weekend. Farzi cafe is a great place with posh interior however isn’t very spacious.

Many restaurants in the city do Indian fusion but very few manage to get it perfectly right.

We started with the Dal Chawal Arancini and the Tempura Dynamite Prawns. Both these dishes were exceptional delicious. It is unbelievable what these guys have made a exemplary dish out of a simple Dal Chawal. It is a must try even if you aren’t a veg lover. The prawns melted in my mouth even before i realised.

To drink we called for the bootlegger cooler and a pomegranate juice. The bootlegger was way sweet for our taste but the pomegranate juice was fresh and just the way i like it.

For main course we called for the tiffin box potato Burger and Pan Tossed summer vegetables. The burger arrived in a box and was stuffed with some barbed potato patty with cottage cheese and mint chutney. It was something really different and loved how each one of them were presented. The Pan tossed vegetables is a burmese dish served with rice and on the side came some Indian aloo bujiye and nuts that were to be mixed with the rice and tossed vegetables. This was another unique dish that was extremely delicious and the flavour of the coconut gravy in the vegetables tasted great with the steamed rice.

The desserts were equally delicious and fancy. We called for the risotto Phirni oxide and the Rasmalai Tres Leeches with carrot cream and rose petals. I wouldn’t want to explain about these as it is an experience on how they are brought to the table and presented.

The Farzi cafe is a must visit and the entire experience is incredible. The only drawback is the extra attention that you get from the staff as multiple staff are serving one table and different staff are repeatedly asking for feedback of the same dish. It would be great if the staff could allow people to enjoy the meal.


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