Farzi Cafe – Breakfast menu

I have always been a fan of Farzi Cafe after visiting them a couple of times and was happy to be invited to try their breakfast menu that is newly introduced.

This restaurant is magic. Good food always makes me happy but this food made my weekend. Farzi cafe is a great place with posh interiors and quirky presentations. Many restaurants in the city do Indian fusion but very few manage to get it perfectly right.

Usually this place is crowded and I was a bit surprised that it had only a few diners on a Saturday morning. I later realised that we Dubaiites are not early morning risers as the place started to get busy. The breakfast menu has a good variety of dishes that will blow your mind.

The service was decent however as the place got crowded, the staff also were seen running around and got busy. We were served by Sherif and Jeff. Sherif helped us with the selection of food and both Sherif and Jeff were friendly and helpful.

We started the meal with tea – a Karak chai and another English Breakfast. The chai was served in a very cute container that had a tap to pour off the tea from. If you like a mild masala tea, than the karak chai. The English Breakfast tea was also great.

Then followed the special creations of Farzi cafe. We had an Egg Benedict with Masala Chicken kheema served on bread. The masala chicken kheema with the egg and toast tasted so good that we had cleaned up the plate in no time.

We also had the Beef Boti Hash cheese melt toast. This was small chunks of beef very well done served with crispy potato hash browns and grilled cheese bread. The chunks of beef were so tender and tasted great with the hash browns. As much as some may think that beef would not be a great breakfast choice, the Beef Boti Hash is just awesome.

By now the vegetarians must be thinking that there is nothing for them but then Farzi Cafe does not disappoint you. We had the Grilled Bombay Decker that is a sandwich in whole meal bread filled with avocado, cucumber and mozzarella cheese. I just can’t express in words how delicious this was.

A little healthy food for breakfast does no harm ! We called for a Lemon Quinoa that has south indian spiced quinoa served with buttered asparagus. I can say this tasted like a mix of poha – puffed rice dish made especially in the north of India and lemon rice that is typically a south Indian dish.

You can never has enough of eggs for breakfast so we also tried the Coriander Akuri maska focaccia which was egg burjee served with buttered focaccia bread. It had such a great fragrance of butter served with tasty egg burjee that we enjoyed it.

Then followed the show stopper of the day, the French Toast Jenga – soft toast rolled with a nutella filling served with coffee cream and fresh berries, it just melted in the mouth.

I must say that Farzi Cafe is known for its unique dishes prepared with perfection, served in the most quirky way and taste great as well. Farzi cafe is a must visit and the entire experience is incredible! I couldn’t be more happy that they even do breakfasts now 😁


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