Khaneen Restaurant – Kuwaiti cuisine

This place is truly a hidden gem in Al Safa. Kuwaiti Cuisine is an infusion of Arabian, Persian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines much like the Emirati cuisine yet a lot different! I tried this Cuisine for the first time here and I must say I throughly enjoyed every bit of it.

The place is done up really well with lanterns everywhere and has lanterns as wallpaper too. They have a wide menu of veggis, meats and seafood giving you options from soups, salads to a great selection of main course and desserts.The staff are good however could be more organised. They are helpful but seem lost and all over the place sometimes.

We started the meal with some great Mojitos. The Strawberry and Cucumber and both these were simply amazing and refreshing.

In the salads we called for the Corn Chips salad and the Beetroot salad. Every veggi in it was extremely fresh and blended really well with the dressing. The Corn Chips salad was topped with tortilla chips that added flavour to the salad that tasted a lot like coleslaw. We also called for a portion of mixed Sambousa for starters. It had a mix of cheese, Meat and Vegetable ones that were freshly prepared and came pipping hot on the table. It tasted really good and in this cold weather we throughly enjoyed it.

For the main course we were recommended the Mama Amena’s Matabag Simach and the Mumawash Mrabyan mama Hussa. One was a rice dish with a grilled hamour fish on it topped with grilled onions and coriander. How amazing was this dish, it was served with tomato, tamarind and chilli sauce. The Fish was extremely fresh and had great taste and flavour. The other dish was also a rice dish but with shrimps. It was lentil rice, topped with grilled onions and had great flavour. The shrimps again were extremely delicious and fresh.

For the dessert we called for Bir El Waledain, It was a milk pudding with saffron which was rich, delicious and creamy. It was heavy but we still just could resist. It was indeed a great end to an amazing meal.


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