Paper Fig

An unassuming, pretty looking place in Moweleh area of Sharjah close to the Sharjah University. A once deserted area is now buzzing with life with residential and commercial buildings and some great line up of restaurants.

We were told that this place is owned by a Emirati who is really passionate about the food served here and has her own original recipes. I should say that she really is great. The interiors are quirky. There is great attention to detail and the place is very chic.

The place is jointly managed by Juliet who is extremely friendly and again a very passionate foodie. The service is good and the staff are helpful. We were served by Sanal and Sibu.

They were some ready drinks that included an Orange juice , Blue and Pink lemonades. We called for the Blue and Pink lemonades. The lemonades were unique and tangy. I should say that they are very unique as well.

We then started with the lavish meal and called for a Cheesy Vegan – eggplant with potatoes, cherry tomatoes with creamy cheese served on a hot skillet pan served with toasted Sour dough bread. The veggies with the cheese tasted really great.

The followed a Citrusy Labneh and as the name goes it was labneh with carrots, hints of orange and harissa posted with sour dough. This is such a unique dish went very well with the sour dough.

Breakfast cannot get better when you have this awesome Shakshuka a spicy tomato sauce with feta cheese and eggs. We asked for the sunny side eggs well done and thoroughly enjoyed it.

With this we also had the Sweet Corn Fritters served with beef bacon, roasted tomatoes and avocado salsa.There were full corn kernels in the fritters and the combination of the fritters with the bacon, tomatoes and avocado is a unique combination which tasted great.

Then followed a great breakfast option, the Chia Seed Pudding, chia with home made almond milk & berries. The berries were super fresh and the chia was soaked just right in the almond milk.

Then came the show stopper, their signature dish the PF French Toast. The toast was just the right crispy on the outside and really soft on the inside. Served with cream anglaise sphere, maple syrup, fresh cream & strawberries, we finished this in no time.

After eating so much, we could not resist the gorgeous looking Strawberry and Peach cake which had a peach mousse inside an was rolled in a red velvet cake. The cake was as delicious as it looked.

We then ended the meal with some coffees. We called for a Latte and Macchiato. The latte had beautiful art done on it and tasted good. The macchiato was in a single shot and was really strong.

Thank you team Paper Fig for the wonderful experience !


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