Al Falamanki Restaurant

The feeling when you walk in here is no less than that of a gorgeous garden in Lebanon. The place has antique looking interiors and an amazing garden based outdoor seating. If you spare a couple of minutes and read the story of Mr. Falamanki, it is truly inspiring to see how a man who lost everything, bounced back only with his energy and humbleness.

The outdoors of this place have plants planted inside old oil tins. The staff are fully aware of the history of this place, know the specialities and suggest them with ease.

We started the meal with a salad, the “My mother Souad’s Fattouch”. The fattouch was fresh and had some crispy grilled bread and had an amazing tangy pomegranate molasses dressing.

In the cold mezze, we also called for a Hommos Hachim Style, again a very different hommos which has the chick peas paste and Balila which are boiled chickpeas mixed with garlic, salt, cumin and olive oil. This hommos and Balila are served with a Jordanian spicy mix and pine nuts.

Then followed the Hot mezze where we called for a Kafta with tahini in a clay dish. The kafta was grilled to perfection and was soaked very well in the tahini. We also called for a portion of fried cheese rolls from the hot appetisers. The cheese rolls were crispy on the outside and with soft cheese inside.

It is tough to select a drink when the choices are so many. They serve fresh juices, smoothies, milk shakes, iced teas and a great variety of mocktails. We called for a Mkhafaaji mocktail that has strawberry, orange & mixed berries.

From the grills, we called for a portion of Grilled Jumbo shrimps and the Almond Chicken Escalope that was served with french fries and garlic. The shrimps were grilled well and were juicy. The chicken escalope was very tender and tasted great with the sides.

It is unfair to end a meal without a dessert. After eating so much, we needed that portion of sugar and we were recommended to try the Nutella & Halawa. The nutella and halawa tasted very nice as this dish was quiet unique. We were also told that this is a traditional dish from Lebanon. We also called  for a Rice & milk pudding. This was a rice and milk pudding with sugar syrup, raisins & hazelnuts, again very different from the traditional rice and milk pudding served in most Arabic restaurants in the UAE.

After a delicious meal, one needs some Red tea with mint and lime. Overall a great experience at this wonderful place. They also serve sheesha and I can’t wait to go back and try it.






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