Tribes – Mall of the Emirates

I have been seeing this place for years now and was shying away from it as I am not a huge meat lover and have always perceived this place as an only meat place. My perception has changed after visiting them and so is my liking for meat.

The restaurant is huge and has a great seating capacity. I can rave about their food and service all day as it is exceptional. The staff are extremely friendly and courteous. They make you feel at home. The food has a lot of African specialities and the menu is extensive enough to satisfy the liking of everyone. We were introduced to the place and given a table by Bernard the Floor Manager who was extremely kind and friendly. He then handed us over to the able hands of Bafana who suggested to us the best from the menu and ensured that we were comfortable throughout. Ahmed the Manager also ensured that we were comfortable.

We were served breads to start with. The breads were really really good. Soft, warm and fresh, it was a perfect start. We called for a Soup of the day to start with. It was a Chicken Cream Soup that was extremely flavourful and tasted great with some vegetables as well in it.

We were told the African Lamb Spring rolls were a must have and so were the Mozambique Prawns and we decided to give both these a try. The spring rolls were crispy on the outside and had flavoured minced meat on the inside with a dip on the side that went really well with it. The Mozambique Prawns are a sure not to miss, the sauce on it was creamy and tasted amazing with the tiny portion of steamed rice that came with it.

From the salads we opted for the Beetroot & Avocado and oh my god how amazing it tasted. Fresh sweet beetroot bites with avocado, baby rocket leaves, walnuts, roasted garlic and balsamic olive dressing. It was heavenly.

From the mains we called for the Ox Tail, the Wagyu fillet (200g) and the Cape Malay Fish curry. Every dish was unique in its own way and was just so good. The Ox tail was amazing, soft flavourful meat cooked to perfection. The Wagyu fillet with mashed potatoes and the pepper sauce was beyond delicious and the Cape Malay Fish I think is a dish one should just not miss when at Tribes. It took me back to Cape Town with its amazing flavour and the fish was just so fresh that it melted in the mouth.

To drink we had the Guava in the Jungle. It was Guava puree with fresh mint, strawberry yoghurt and pineapple juice. Who would have ever though of this combination. I would completely recommend this one for the drinks when you are here.

We ended the meal with some amazing desserts. The Malwa pudding is their signature dessert and is undoubtedly a great option for chocolate lovers. We also tried the Creme Brûlée that was equally good and delicious.

I loved absolutely everything about this place. It is so authentic, the food is amazing and the staff are just so friendly. I can’t wait to go back here. Thank you Tribes for the amazing hospitality.


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