Local Bites

The all new Local Bites on Jumeirah road has some interesting dishes with a fusion of Emirati and Indo / Pak cuisine. The place is pretty basic with a majlis feel, giving you an at home feeling the moment you walk in. The staff are helpful and kind too.

We called for a Jumeira Platter to start with. It is apparently a best seller and is typical Emirati breakfast with 2 Khameers, 2 Chebabs and a paratha served with date syrup and cream cheese. I love Khameer bread with date syrup and cheese as it is a perfect breakfast thing and is so good.

To drink we called for a Jumeirah Special we were told this was the best Cold Coffee as it had date syrup instead of sugar. This one was a bit different and tasted good. They also serve Locally made fizz drinks. We wanted to try the local fizz drink so we called for an orange and pomegranate Namlet juice. These folks get them from Abu Dhabi as they are scarcely available here. You might want to try them.

We called for a Salad platter, that had Cauliflower Taboul, Fattoush and Cauliflower fried rice. This platter was extremely unique something I have never tried before and tasted good too. It was fresh and flavourful.

We called for a Tikka Paratha from the parathas, a Jumeirah Khameer Sandwich and a Falafel Khameer Sandwich. The Khameer bread is made really well and any sandwich in it is a sure try. The Tikka paratha was really good with some great flavoured chicken filling in a paratha served with Oman Chips on the side. The Khameer Sandwiches also come with some flavoured fries that are just so good. Salty, tangy and flavourful, a real treat for the tastebuds.

We ended the meal with some Karak and Nutella Paratha. This one had nutella stuffed in it with fresh strawberries. A visit to Local Bites is sure incomplete without this one. It is a must try. They make really good Karak too.

Local Bites is a place you can unwind relax and enjoy some local food at a very reasonable price. I would sure suggest this place for some good Emirati breakfast.


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