Thai Wok

This is a little restaurant in Barsha that serves some extremely delicious Thai food. It caters more to takeaways and deliveries but also has a tiny seating area to dine-in . This place is a sure hidden gem.

My love for Thai cuisine took me here one evening and I couldn’t have been happier.

Started the meal with my all time favourite Tom Yum Chicken soup and Papaya salad. The Tom Yum was sure one of the best I have had in the city. Tender pieces of chicken in an amazing spicy clear soup. I almost licked the bowl. The papaya salad was good too however I would have been happier with some extra fish sauce; now that is a personal choice. Some people don’t much like fish sauce but I love it. So I suggest you mention your preference for this upfront.

We were suggested the Prawn Purse for starters and it indeed was a great suggestion. Chopped prawns and water chestnuts wrapped in spring roll pastry to make tiny little pouches that looked so cute and tasted even better with the sweet chilli sauce adding to the flavour. I couldn’t stop eating these.

We were also recommend the Chicken with Cashew Nuts, this was sure one of the best from our dinner. Soft pieces of chicken, mixed in vegetables and cashew nuts tossed with Chillies and thai herbs.

We were told that there is fresh chicken used here and it for sure did taste extremely fresh and soft. When a restaurant doesn’t compromise on quality it is the best thing and what makes it better is that they still maintain a decent pricing.

For the main course we had a Pad thai and a portion of Thai Green curry – Chicken with streamed rice. The Pad Thai was good but a bit sweet for my liking. I have never had better Thai Green Curry; one bite of the steemed rice and Thai Green curry and ahh that was heavenly. I can’t tell you how delicious it was, words would do no justice. You sure got to try it.

The Mango and Sticky rice for dessert is the best Thai dessert and I can never get tired of it. This one was good too and the portion was extremely generous.

This place is a sure hidden Gem. The deliver almost everywhere in New Dubai from World trade centre to Discovery Garden. These guys are a must try and I promise you won’t regret ordering in from here.









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