Cabana is a lovely open to air restaurant with the terrace giving you a lovely view of the Burj Khalifa. We were here on a Thursday evening and with the weather being amazing the outdoor was perfect to enjoy the evening.

Sitting by the pool with with this amazing view, great live music and vibe, a lovely spread of salads, mains and desserts and very good service, it couldn’t have been better. They also have live performances of Brazilian dancers every 30 minutes that only adds to the great vibe of this place.

It was a buffet with a huge spread and hence my review covers only those items that I tried from the spread.

I shall mention all that I tried and liked in the spread.

We started the meal with a Passion fruit mojito and Strawberry mojito.Both were extremely refreshing and great.


There was a Mushroom soup on the buffet however we were served a Broccoli soup as I mentioned to the staff that I was allergic to mushrooms. The Soup was really good and creamy and was perfect was the weather.

From the salad bar we tried the Hummus, Moutabel, Coleslaw, Greek salad, Chicken green beans, Pineapple salad, Grilled sweet corn, cut Cucumbers and Carrots. The Hummus, Coleslaw and Greek Salad were my favourites among them. They were fresh and full of flavour.

In the hot dishes there was Cream of Corn, Black Bean, Seafood stew, Fried rice, Beef stroganoff. The Cream of corn was really good, soft American corn on the cob in a white sauce. The Black Bean tasted great too.There were also the Fried Bananas and Fried Yuca served with chimmichurri sauce , criola and farofa. The Fried Yuca were excellent and are a good replacement for chips. The Fried Bananas also went very well with the sauces.

The restaurant also has a live grill counter with variety of meats being served. We tried the Garlic Chicken Thighs, Bacon wrapped chicken, Top Sirloin, Chicken Parmesan and Grilled Pineapple. What is amazing about this is that the staff bring the freshly grilled meat to your table on a skewer, cut portions of it based on your preference and serve it.The same was also done for the grilled pineapple. The meats were tender, well done, flavourful and tasty.

The desserts spread was inviting from the time we got in and we indulged in it immediately post the main course. We tried the Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate cake (nega maluca), Coconut sago with mango coulis and Cream caramel. There was also the sliced fruits platter and Peanut brittle which we did not try. The desserts were good and the coconut sago with mango coulis was one that stood out.

There was sheesha being served as well. As the weather gets better, this place will be great to unwind and relax with your friends and family, enjoy the lovely view and enjoy the food and drinks.

Thank you team Cabana for the wonderful evening. A special thanks to Rodrigues and Lloyd for the amazing hospitality.




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