Big Daddy’s

Dubai is the most sought after place for international restaurants as this is the melting pot of cultures. Big Daddy’s is one such chain who have opened their first ever branch out of New York City in Dubai.

With so many American food options in Dubai in some fancy looking restaurants and menus with fusions, Big Daddy’s takes you back to the good old times of the 80’s with an excellent themed restaurant. The restaurant brings back memories with some great tunes of the past, old TV shows playing and a very old-school concept of interiors. They also have some real video games from the past to help you unwind and enjoy with friends.

I must say that Big Daddy’s is not only about the experience, they also serve some massive burgers, crispy tots and thick milkshakes that make them an authentic American classic diner. The staff are friendly and helpful and this only enhances your experience there.

We called for a Oreo Overload milkshake. I can’t rave enough about this. It was a real thick milkshake of chocolate with Oreo cookies and chocolate whipped cream.


We called for a “Where the Buffalo Roam Tots” in the starters. This had buffalo chicken tenders, bleu cheese dressing and chives. The chicken was very tender and delicious and the tots were crispy and nice. The combination of the chicken and the tots was great and the dressing and chives made it tastier.


We called for a Lil’ Mac Daddy’s  – 3 small burgers with beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and onions. The beef patty was amazing and the filling enhanced the flavour. The small burgers kept up to the American promise and were slightly larger as compared to other small burgers served elsewhere.

If I had an option I would have the dessert first. After an overdose of Lotus everywhere, the  Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream was a great change.The whipped cream was light and the combination of the cookie, ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and the cream was killer. It was finished in no time.

Everything here from the ambiance to the music to the food is truly American and lives up to their brand! Wishing Big Daddy’s luck in their international venture and hoping to see more of them in the UAE.


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