Yalumba, Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre

If you think Friday brunches are about eating a lot of food in a quiet place with boring people looking sleepy, then you for sure have been going to the wrong brunches. Then there’s  Yalumba !

The vibe, the buzz, the food and everything about this place is marvellous. It’s a party atmosphere with some great music, people enjoying themselves and an absolutely delicious & sumptuous spread. It was amazing to see how every single dish from this buffet was just so good.

They have a large indoor seating and an equally big outdoor seating which I am sure is going to be crowded in a few days with winter round the corner. They also have a BBQ station outdoors.

With such a huge spread of the buffet, it would definitely not be possible for me to mention each and every dish however I will write about the dishes I tried and what I liked the most. For the desserts, I sure won’t do justice in this review as everything was so good and I could not try each and every dessert after eating so much.

There was a huge section of the Cold Buffet with a Seafood Platter, Cold Cuts, Terrine, and smoked fish. In the International Salads I enjoyed the Chicken Hawaiian salad, Traditional Greek Salad and the Minty Beetroot Salad . I also tried the Hummus, Moutabel, Tabbouleh,  Feta cheese salad and Green olive salad from the Arabic salads. The salads were fresh, crunchy, perfect in flavour and tasted yum !

I missed out trying the assorted Sushi and Sashimi which looked very tasty. There was a huge cheese station as well.


From the Hot Buffet, I tried the Prawn tandoori, Chicken tikka, Biryani rice, Potato gratin, Chili garlic seafood and the Indian butter chicken. Each of these dishes were delicious.

I then tried the Egg Benedict from the A La Carte menu. This is the kind of breakfast I would like to have every morning. The Egg Benedict was sure one of the best I have had of late.

After so much of binging, I jumped to the desserts and was confused with what I should have. The choice is so much that you don’t want to leave anything. We tried the Chocolate Fondant with pineapple and brownies. We also tried the Red Velvet mini cake, Orange macaron, Chocolate mousse and the Indian dessert- Jalebi. These were mind boggling and were finished in no time.

We also tried the Red Velvet Cake, the Rainbow cake and the Avocado Cheese cake. The Avocado cheese cake is really innovative and unheard of – how does one come up with such innovation and also ensure it tastes so good? It blew my mind!!

No words do justice to this review and one must experience this place.

Thank you team Yalumba for having us over. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the experience.


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