Weslodge Saloon

With Dubai being known to have the best restaurant chains from across the world, here is Weslodge from Canada making its mark here too.

I was here with friends to try their business lunch and it was an experience from the moment we got into the elevator to get to the 68th floor where the restaurant is located. The place is plush and classy and the view of the city from up there is mesmerising.
We had Mira help us to the table while she told us a bit about the restaurant and their new business lunch. They have a 2 course and a 3 course menu to choose from and we decided to go with the 3 course. We had Rose and Jen serve us throughout the meal. They were extremely friendly, helpful and courteous.
The 3 course menu is at an affordable AED 125 per person and includes choice of one soft drink, starters, mains and desserts. The starters, mains and desserts have a good variety to choose from.
For the drinks we called for a Fresh Orange juice, a Fresh Pineapple juice and a Rainforest Sangria – white grape juice, lime juice, homemade soda and a fresh strawberry. They all tasted fairly good.
From the starters we called for a Weslodge Chop Salad which had avocado, feta and dill vinaigrette. The avocado was completely crushed with the feta and tasted a bit sour. We also called for a Beets Burrata which was amazingly colourful and had beetroot, orange, grapes, hazelnut and niagara vinegar. Both the starters were extremely fresh and the Beets Burrata was extremely refreshing and tasted excellent.
In the mains, we called for a Weslodge Burger, a Rotisserie Chicken and a Grilled Branzino.
The Weslodge Burger had a great portion of the meat patty and had cheddar, iceberg lettuce with a russian dressing. It was served with house fries which were good sized, fresh and yummy. The Rotisserie Chicken was again a generous portion of a chicken grilled on a rotisserie as the name suggests and grilled with chilli, lemon and garlic served with brocco. It was low on flavour given that there were no spices used however we were given a few sauces that enhanced the flavour of the chicken. The Grilled Branzino – a type of sea bass was served with green beans, jalapeño and pecorino cheese. It tasted delicious and the spicy green sauce only made it better.
A good ending to this awesome meal was with the desserts. We had the PB & J that was the  molten peanut butter, blueberry ice cream and peanut crumble. It was so tasty that we finished it in no time. We also had the New York Cheesecake which glazed cherries. It was the best for the last – the S’Mores. This one had roasted marshmallow, salted caramel, graham cracker and chocolate sauce. The S’Mores stole our heart !
Overall it is definitely value for money for the food and the experience.

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