Mr. Toad’s Pub & Kitchen

I absolutely love the vibe and feel of British Pubs. There is great music, happy people and a lot more. This one just added to the list of great pubs in the city. If you are looking for a place in Dubai Investment Park to chill and unwind one evening there is no better place than Mr. Toad’s.

I was here for a bloggers event on a lovely Thursday evening and oh boy what a fun night it was. After I drove an hour to get here I was pretty exhausted but the moment I walked in the vibe is contagious.
I am a teetotaller, I am sure you are wondering what I was doing here, I enjoyed some fresh juices and mocktails and the food here was simple amazing. I have been to many pubs in the past and normally food isn’t given so much importance but I was happy to see these guys break the nom.
We started with Classic Beef Burgers, Crispy Battered British Haddock & Chips and a Smoked Scottish Salmon Pate with herb Salad & Sourdough toast.
The Burger was simple amazing, it had onion rings in it with a soft and juicy patty, full of flavour and tasted great. The fish & chips is a must have at any British pub coz none do it the way they do. The smoked salmon pate was another supremely delicious bite, toast at the bottom with salmon and sauces on it. I couldn’t resist it.
Then came my most favourite dish, the Deluxe Truffle Veal Scotch Organic Egg, this one was the show stopper of the evening. The outer crust had a thick layer of mashed veal with some great flavour and an egg in the middle with some house brown sauce. This is a must try when you are here.
We ended our main course with the Posh Sheppard’s Pie. Braised lamb shoulder and mashed potatoes on the top served with some house salad. Honestly it was hard for me to say which dish from the evening was my favourite as all of them were so good.
To drink I called for an orange juice that was fresh and refreshing. For the desserts we were served a Sticky Toffee Pudding. This one was really good too with a scoop of Vanila Ice cream and caramel sauce.
The food here is so good that one could actually visit this place even if you didn’t want to have a drink which is very rare for a pub. A big thumps up for these folks, they truly are doing a great job.




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