A new concept in the city and there is no way one doesn’t try it. This one was sure something everyone was talking about, you could only visit  the restaurant if you had the key.. get the clues through their social media and then find the key ! Isn’t that simple… you bet it is and its definitely worth it.

We were here on a weekend night and the place was crowded. We waited in the queue for about 20 minutes and got a table. Its a great experience from the time you walk in. Amazing interiors, friendly staff and great food. One thing that caught my attention is that  they use of Rainbow Milk powder tins as tissue holder – now that a good reuse of these tins.
Its a self service concept to place the order and the food is then brought to your table. We were four of us and got to try a huge variety. I should say that Parker’s have been very creative with the combination in their food, some very unique and interesting ones which one would have never thought of. As you read further on you will be amazed to know them.
From the pops we had the Pretzel Chicken Strips, Corn on the Cob and the Spicy Toffee Shrimps. It was tough to choose between the Baked Lemon Garlic Shrimps and the Spicy Toffee Shrimps but it was the Toffee Shrimps that made it to the table after being recommended by the staff. The chicken strips were coated with pretzel and smoked mustard sauce and very absolutely yum. The Corn on the Cob with orange basil butter and paparika lime ranch sauce was mind blowing. The buttered toffee sauce on the fried shrimps took the taste to the next level.
This was then followed by the Street Fries, a Truffle Burger, a Choco Coffee slider and a Crispy Chicken Potato slider. The fries with the chilli lime sauce were irresistible. One would hesitate to try a beef burger infused with coffee but after trying this one there is no doubt that this combination is great. The chicken slider with crispy fried chicken with the spicy mango sauce and potato thins was great as well. The Truffle burger was not to our liking.
Good meals end with a good dessert. We had the Sea Salt Chocolate Chips. I have never imagined even in my wildest dreams that potato chips would taste so good with a moist salted chocolate cake.
Overall a great experience and its definitely worth finding the key. I am sure there is an easier way to get the key which the staff would be able to tell most people 😉

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