Busaba Eathai is a chain that is very close to my heart, I have been dining here since forever. I was a regular at their branches across London and was extremely thrilled when they finally opened in Dubai. I have been to their branch at JBR several times and this time I was invited for a Bloggers meet for the launch of their new menu.

All their outlets across the world look similar and this is something I love about it as it gives you a feeling of familiarity the moment you walk in. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and it is always one of those places you would want to go back.

We were first served the Prawn Crackers, a mandatory welcome here and these are great to munch while you wait for your food to arrive.

We were first served the Thai Calamari a hot crispy calamari dish that I really liked.Then came the Gong Todh, this one is my absolutely favourite – breaded prawns with a spicy thai dip that goes really well with it.

Then we had the Toasted Duck, this one was a bit unique as it had a duck filling in a soft bread and was good too. The meal continued with some Pandon Chicken, Short Ribs with Salad, Pad Thai and Lamb Chops.

Pad Thai is my all time favourite and this one was really good. Honestly Busaba is a place I can’t miss not having the Pad Thai. The Pandon Chicken is a chicken starter wrapped in pandon leaf, it was fairly decent too.  The Lamb Chops are from their new menu and this one is now my new personal favourite. It was well marinated and cooked to perfection. Meat eaters sure going to love this one.

We ended the meal with Mango and Sticky rice that is a not to miss at any Thai restaurant. It is the most popular Thai dessert and these guys do a good job at it too.

Thank you Busaba for having us over. I can’t wait to visit you guys soon.



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