Queens Beauty Lounge, JLT

I was really pampered on my visit to the Queens Beauty Lounge with some amazing treatments. This place is a pretty looking salon and what really makes them different is their great service and very friendly and happy staff. What I really liked about Queens Beauty Lounge was that the staff are always smiling.

I was given a Green Tea to sip when I got in. There is soothing music playing which relaxes you further and gets you into the groove of spending some quality time pampering yourself. I had a a hair cut and a organic facial done all of which were done with utmost care, use of great products and professional staff.

I was greeted by Evelyn at the reception who introduced me to all the services and on my selection of the services ensured that a Therapist was assigned and knew what was to be done.

I started the session with a facial. Yuli the Therapist checked with me on my preferences and suggested the Detox Organic facial.The salon uses Shirley Conlon organic products. The good thing about these products are that they are specially developed for hot climates and are free of any artificial preservatives, colorants, fragrances or chemicals. The facial includes a scrub; steam; clean up of blackheads, white heads, acne and dirt and is ended with mask. It also includes a shoulder and arm massage. Yuli was great at the facial and ensured that it was done to perfection. I have been to so many places for facials but this place is different in more than one way. The therapist is always there with you during the facial. Yuli managed the time very well by giving me a massage during the time the mask was drying. The facial refreshed my skin and was extremely relaxing.

After the facial I went in for a hair cut. I was really happy to see Sonia, the beautician who did my hair cut as I was a regular with her a few years back in another salon. I am glad that Queens have hand-picked some amazing staff who are really good at what they do. I may sound old fashioned with this but it is said that it is important for the beautician to have a good hand which is lucky for your hair. With Sonia, I was really lucky.

Thank you Queens Beauty Lounge for pampering me taking good care of me. You guys are going to see me more often.



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