Karma Kafe

Most restaurants at Souq Al Bahr have a spectacular view of the fountain and Burj Khalifa and are extremely good looking, one of them is Karma Kafe for sure.

We got there for dinner one evening and were extremely thrilled to see how gorgeous this place is. The service is great and so is the food. We had Mahesh and Dexter serve us. They were both extremely helpful and friendly.


We opted for the tasting menu for two and we were extremely glad we did. The starter on the menu was the Ceviche Misto but as the husband isn’t a fan of Calamari or Scollops we requested them to have it changed with something else. The Chef recommended the duck spring rolls and we went with it. We really like these, crispy rolls filled with shredded duck in some delicious spices.

We then had a mix of Spicy Tuna and California Maki. These tasted good too, however there was nothing extra ordinary about them.

We were then served the Shrimps Tempura, crispy Shrimps deep fried and topped with peanut butter chilli sauce, It tasted great too.

Then came the ‘Black Angus’, Flank steak, we asked for it to be well done and it was served just the way we wanted it. It was grilled with preserved lemon and harissa butter and tasted good as well.

We were finally served the Lemongrass Creme Brûlée, the creme brûlée was made a bit more creative with lemongrass in it. It tasted great.

The overall presentation and taste of the food was great and the ambiance and service was exceptionally good.

I shall sure go back to try the rest of their specialities.


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