Bentley Bistro & Bar

It is unbelievable that this place has been open for over 3 years now and is so under rated. With an amazing ambience, nice vibe, great view, friendly and helpful staff and some awesome food, this place is definitely a must try.

We were here just before sunset and got to see the amazing waterfront with so much happening around.

Bentley Bistro serves French cuisine at its best. We were shown around the place and told its history and ambition by Argiris – the General Manager of this place. It was an absolute pleasure to meet such a thorough gentleman. We were served by Jody who was extremely friendly and ensured that we enjoyed the food.
It was a fabulous experience at Bentley Bistro. For the drinks we were recommended to try a “Ginger Passion” which has Ginger, Lime and passion fruit coulis and a “Tropical Oasis” which is a mix of pineapple and orange juice with pomegranate syrup and passion fruit puree. The drinks were awesome.
To start we had the Roast pumpkin and spinach salad with goat’s cheese, a Warm Lentil salad with burrata cheese and a Spanish style garlic prawns with chilli, parsley and crisp potato. The pumpkin salad was so refreshing with spinach and awesome goat’s cheese. The burrata cheese was cold and creamy and tasted heavenly with the warm lentil salad.
We had the Grilled Wagyu flat iron steak with a parsley and mustard crust served with glazed vegetables. We wanted the steak well done but were told to try it medium-well instead as well done would kill the flavour of the meat. The recommendation was bang on with the meat grilled to perfection and with the right flavours and taste. The parsley and mustard crust only added to the flavour.
From the mains, we had a Pan Fried sea bass served with black olive crushed potatoes, artichoke, tomato fondue.
We then had selection of desserts put together for us which I call ‘ levels of pleasure’ as it was served on a three layered stand. There was the Chocolate fondant with honeycomb, raspberry and violet ice cream, the Apple taste with vanilla ice cream, the Panna cotta – vanilla & mango, pistachio and espresso, the Potted lemon tart and Caramel macaron. They were beyond tasty and we relished each one of them.
 Thank you team Bentley Bistro for having us over and for such a splendid evening.

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