Barbeque Nation

With the official launch not done yet, this place already seems to be a hit. With unlimited starters until you don’t flag down and give up and a good spread in the main course, this place is definitely value for money and a treat for your tastebuds.

Being a light eater, I over indulged in the amazing starters and only tasted the main course, The starters has a good variety for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The concept of 90 percent cooked and 10 percent to be grilled at your table help with the starters being warm until you finish them off.

They have an extensive drinks menu as well however we did not call for any.

There is the Cheese Potatoes, Crisy Corn and Veg kababs served directly and the Paneer and Pineapple which you would grill on your table. In the non-veg starters the Chicken tangdi is served directly and the Grilled fish, boneless Chicken, Prawns and Meat kabab is served on the skewer to be gilled on the table. All the starters are great with amazing flavour and just the right spices. Even a simple starter like a grilled pineapple tasted really nice. They also have an option of the mushrooms but then we avoided it due to our personal preference.

They have a “Make your own soup” counter which allows for customization based on your personal preferences. I had a mix of corn, chicken and peppers with tomato chilli sauce on it. A great tasting soup and soothing for the throat for someone who had a bad throat.

In the salad counter, I liked the Chicken salad, the Corn salad,the Pasta salad and the Kimchi salad. The salads were fresh and flavourful. They also have jars of detox water – called the antioxidant water. You have options of orange, cucumber and strawberry water. Again a great concept to have this in a buffet.

They have a counter called the “Takatak counter” with Gurda and Chaap prepared on a hot tawa on order. They are pre-cooked and are cooked on a big tawa once you have selected your choice of meat. This gives a very typical feel of street side cooking.

The main course has a decent spread of gravies in veg and non-veg and they also have three different types of biryanis. I tasted and enjoyed the fish curry, the murg hara pyaza, the mutton rogan josh and the Sarai ka Mughlai Dum Biryani was fairly good too.

For the desserts, they have a good counter of international desserts such as Cup cakes, Panna cotta, Brownies. They also had Phirni in the spread. They have a counter with selection of kulfi’s and you can have it with falooda toppings of glass noodles, rose syrup sprinkled with almond and pistachio flakes or choose the chocolate kulfi with some chocolate toppings instead.

This indeed was a treat to the tastebuds and I am sure going back soon !


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