The first thing that came to my mind when I walked into Tribes was the resemblance they share with this restaurant called Carnivore in Nairobi that I visited a few years ago. Tribes transports you to the freshly grilled meat experiences that are very much native to the African continent.

The ambience comes in two parts. You have the very inquisitive tribal indoors and as soon as you opt for the outdoor seating you are taken to one of the most iconic views in Dubai, overlooking the Dubai fountain and the majestically tall Burj Khalifa.

We were served by a team comprising of Hilton, Chad and Maricel. An extremely happy and friendly bunch of people who make you feel at home the moment you walk in. The restaurant manager Sinfree was amazing too, hilarious and friendly, we throughly enjoyed their company and service.

We first called for something to drink. I called for a fresh Orange juice that I finished in no time so called for a Tribes Special post that. A mix of raspberry puree, strawberry juice, fresh lime and rosemary syrup with fresh mint, I sure made a great choice.

The salad counter was filled with fresh veggies, pasta salads and dips. They also had a small food counter with Mac and Cheese, Corn on the Cob, potatoes and other stuff but we were too excited about the meats that we didn’t want to eat much of anything else.

We started the meal with a Lentil Soup that tasted great and full of flavour. I loved the Beetroot Hummus dip and the potato salad from the salad selection.

When you overturn the small drum kept on each table from red to green it signals the Gods of Meat to shower you with 12 varieties of grilled meat. First skewer that came by fresh from the grill was the Kalahari Lamb Leg which was marinated in a secret tribal sauce and grilled to perfection. Next came the Peri Peri shrimps which were grilled in a peri peri sauce and brought on a sizzling plate. They were very fresh and flavourful. Beef Borewors and Beef Chorizo were brought fresh in skewers and tasted decent. The Top Sirloin, Wagyu Flat Iron steak were brilliantly chargrilled and are a dream come true for beef lovers.

They ask you for grilling preferences, we chose the medium well style and it was the best. Lamb rump steaks were brought next, also served on a sizzling plate. These steaks were fairly well done thin slices of rump. Perfectly coated on the outside and unbelievably juicy on the inside. Meat balls or Koftas were the best ones I have tasted so far. Perfectly grilled brought smoking on the legendary tribes sizzling plate.

In chicken the variety is narrowed down to 2 perfections. Chicken Drumsticks were grilled on skewers marinated in a mild sauce. The second chicken dish was the bacon wrapped chicken breast. The chicken breast pieces were wrapped in bacon and grilled, quite an unconventional dish but something different.

The one and only veg dish we were served which needs a special mention. It was the mashed potato cooked in truffle oil and baked. Amazing, tastiest mashed potato I have ever eaten.

Let me wrap up this food extravaganza by telling you in my signature style that the dessert was to die for. It was Chocolate Malva Cake with vanilla ice cream. The Malva was sightly burnt live at the table to make sure it reached optimum awesomeness.

Thank you team Tribes for having us over. We had an absolutely amazing experience.


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