I absolutely love how this Indian fusion fine dine restaurant is named ‘Jaan’ which means life in hindi. The preparation of food is also unique like its name. Located on the 31st floor of the Sofitel is this gorgeous restaurant with a huge lounge area with quirky interiors. It has a wall with John Lennon painted on it to give the funky touch. The dining areas are well separated from the lounge and have some luxurious furniture. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. The service is quick and the food tastes great !

We started with the drinks in which we had a Mother Flower and a Five Jumps. The Mother Flower was refreshing with cucumber, green apple and lemon grass. The Five Jumps has grapefruit. fresh ginger, mint, honey syrup and ginger beer. These ingredients were also the need of the hour for us being under the weather.

For the starters we started the experience with the hand cut rolls “the Salmon Kejriwal”. These are some excellent maki rolls with perfectly cooked egg, smoked salmon with mild indian chilli mayo. They were brilliant.

We also had the “Jhaal Muri Ceviche”, a bhel puri style snack with an exquisite fusion of yellow amberjack fish with puffed rice.

Then arrived the amazing small plates – starters again. We had the Cherry Wood Chicken – a smoked infused chicken with round indian chilli and cashew nuts. I’ve not had chicken this tender anywhere in Dubai. They were strips of soft succulent chicken that melted in the mouth and had an amazing taste as well.

This was followed by the Big Head Prawns – amazingly well grilled prawns in Indian butter garlic style. These were fresh prawns grilled to perfection and the flavour of butter garlic was subtle and perfect.

For the mains we were served the Dhaba Highway Butter Chicken, the Black Angus Chick Ribs, Sizzling Chole Hommus with Amritsari Kulcha, Normandie Daily Dal and streamed rice.

It was indeed an elaborate main course with ever dish being unique in its own way and the flavours giving our tastebuds a complete treat.

The Dhaba Highway Butter chicken was a regular butter chicken gravy with extremely soft pieces of chicken served in a really funky tiffin which had ‘You’re my butter half’ embossed on it. The Chuck Ribs were delicious, cooked in a vindaloo Goan preperation curry and the meat was extremely tender.

The Sizzling whole Hommus with Amritsari Kulchas from the vegetarian selection was a real treat. It had chickpea at the bottom topped with punjabi gravy on the top. On the side were the Amritsari Kulcha filled with mashed potatoes (Indian style). The Dal was the black one with cream and butter in it, tasted so rich and delicious.

Now was the most favourite and best part of the meal, the dessert 🙂
The stunning ‘Nirvana’ as it is called is layered Gulab jamun, Saffron pannacotta, thandai mousse and cream with liquid raspberry poured over it 😍 Nirvana in a true sense.
We also tried the French Toast Shahi Tukda, Maple cinnamon squeeze with almandine kulfi. Some dishes no matter how well you explain it doesn’t do justice. One must try it to experience it.

It was truly an experience of some fine Indian fusion food, that was well presented and tasted delicious too. The service was brilliant as well, we had Marlene serve us, she was extremely friendly and made conversation from time to time to check if we were enjoying our meal. We also met with Shehzad, the restaurant manager who was extremely helpful and suggested the best dishes from the menu.


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