Eat Greek Kouzina

Eat Greek is by far one among the best restaurants serving Greek cuisine in the UAE. Just like any other cuisine one needs to develop a taste for Greek food and my love for Greek food developed post my visit to Greece last year. I realised that the flavours are so pure and it is absolutely healthy as a lot of vegetables are used with meat, fish and poultry. They cook in olive oil with minimal spices thus retaining the flavour.

The place is done up really well and chic, absolutely pretty, one would certainly enjoy a meal here. The staff are happy and extremely friendly and the food is fresh and cooked in an absolutely authentic manner. We were served by Ronaldo who are extremely sweet and helpful.

We started with a fresh Orange juice and a Mango Mojito; both were refreshing and just they way we wanted it.

One cannot visit a Greek restaurant and not have Tzatziki. I can eat an entire portion of it and this one was perfect, one of the best I have had in the city so far. Tzatziki is cold yogurt with cucumber, garlic and fresh herbs for the ones who haven’t tried it. I must say a Greek meal is incomplete without it.

We then called for a Roasted Beetroot Salad, it was so fresh and delicious; who would ever think beetroot could taste this good. It was mixed with yogurt and walnuts.

We had a portion of Baked Feta Cheese from the hot appetisers – baked feta with tomatoes, pepper and olive oil. It was just so perfect as it was served in a small sizzling pan with just perfect flavours.

For the mains we called for a Butter Fish Fillet. I am a total lover of seafood and this one for sure stole my heart. Grilled with Lemon oil and served with steamed vegetables & skordalia.

For the dessert we called for the most popular Tiramisu, it would surprise you to know that it is made of egg plant, I couldn’t believe it when the chef said it, it was just so good, perfect flavour of coffee and wasn’t too sweet either. We also called for one Galaktoboureko, milk custard pie, it was a bit heavy for me after all the food but it tasted great too.

A not to miss is their bakery where you could make to order fresh pastries and cakes to take out. They also sell Greek ingredients and products that you could buy for your kitchen.

Eat Greek is a sure visit for a real treat of some amazing fresh, healthy and delicious food.



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