The Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market has outlets all over the world and now is finally in Dubai. I visited them at Dubai Festival City and really enjoyed my meal here.

The place is huge and is done up really well, the staff are polite and cordial and the food is great too.
The drinks are unique combinations and even more uniquely named. We called for the Happiness Infusion, an earl grey tea with lemongrass infusion kissed by the sweetness of strawberry and lychee and a Blue Lagoon, a rejuvenating curaçao topped off with a lemony twist and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
For the starters we called for a portion of fries with cheese and a starters platter which has  fried squid, shrimp salad , mussels and coleslaw. Given that I am not a big fan of mussels, we got them replaced with more prawns.
For the main course we called for the Da Bomb which were grilled volcano prawns, poached spicy dory nuggets and sautéed scallops. We asked for the scallops to be replaced with some more prawns. The Da Bomb is spicy and extremely delicious.
We also called for a Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter for the main course. This was a  generous portion of hand battered fish fillets, oysters and calamari. We asked for the fish to be grilled instead and replaced the oysters and calamari with more prawns. Its called the flaming platter as the prawns are flamed right before your eyes.

You can expect great portions, very typical of any American food chain and the food is heavy. With my never ending love for prawns, I had a whole lot of prawns and still wanted more but was too full to eat.

We ended the meal with a Fried Banana and Coconut ice cream. It was brought sizzling and then coconut milk was poured on it. It tasted great.



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