Mori Sushi

My new found love for Japanese Cuisine took me here and I am extremely glad I got to try Mori Sushi. This place is located in the gorgeous Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and has some really good food and great service. I also loved how the place is done up; pretty chick and classy.

We ordered for our drinks first, we called for a Pink Lemonade and a fresh Watermelon Juice. They were both refreshing and the Lemonade tasted great even without ice as we had asked the staff that we wanted it that way.

For the starters we called for portion of Bonbon, Edamame, Chicken Gyoza and a Salmon Tartar. We were impressed from the very first bite, the Bonbon are crispy on the outside with baby shrimps, red cheddar cheese and mozzarella served with sweet chilli sauce; every bite made us want for more. Bonbon is a sure not to miss when you are here.

The Edamame is mandatory, I call for it at every Japanese restaurant I visit. We were given an option of having the Chicken Gyoza either steamed or pan fried and we opted for the latter. It tasted good too, a bit crunchy on the outside and soft flavoured chicken on the inside.

The Salmon Tartar, is a bed of chilled fresh Salmon with Spicy avocado and tomato topped with yoghurt, capers and honey mustard drizzle, a must try for Salmon lovers.

For the rolls we called for three variety of rolls.The Mango Green Roll which was from their vegetarian options with cucumber, cream cheese, fresh mango, asparagus and spinach. I couldn’t believe it was all veg as it tasted great and we had eaten them all in hardly anytime.

We also called for Dragon Rolls and Crispy Shrimp and Avocado. The latter again is my favourite, Shrimp and Avocado is an amazing combination that one can never go wrong with. The Dragon rolls had tempura shrimps, crab mayo, avocado, cucumber, sesame sauce and Teriyaki sauce. This stole my heart too. We also called for a Spicy Lemon Roll from the hot maki options. It had mixed shrimp and salmon and was fried, again with great taste.

For the dessert we called for a Swiss Chocolate Fondant. It was served warm with a gooey center and with vanilla ice-cream. Just the right amount of sugar after a lovely meal.

There was honestly nothing that I did not like here, from the presentation to the taste of the food, it was all great. A shout out to team Mori Sushi, you guys are doing a great job.


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