Estrellas Rooftop Lounge – Melia

You know its that time of the year to say bye bye to summer in the UAE when the evening start getting pleasant and there are loads of activities happening outdoors.

The roof top lounge at Melia – “Estrellas” is being relaunched for this season with some great music, a lovely ambience, good food and drinks and an amazing view.

We were there for the launch party and it was great. They had a Flamenco dancer and the place was transformed to a Spanish retreat now and then. There was some nice music playing and everyone was enjoying themselves thanks to the pleasant weather as well. The dim lights only added to the great vibe.

They have a good selection of finger food with vegetarian and non. veg options. In the vegetarian finger food I tried the Manchurian, Assorted Sushi Roll,the Tomato Bocconcini and the Homemade Zatar and Cheese Manakish. From the non-veg options I had the Smoked Salmon and Pepper Boudin, Onion ring & lamb mince burger and a Basil Chicken Tikka in Basil Tart. All of these tasted great. There was more finger food however I skipped it.

They have a vast selection of drinks as well. I chose from the non alcoholic selection and enjoyed a Cranberry juice. The sheesha was good as well and I opted for a Mint.

The service overall was good with the food, drinks and sheesha – a must have for a lounge.


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