OneLife Kitchen and Cafe Business Bay

This is for sure a hidden gem located in D3. Its a misconception that healthy food can’t be delicious and OneLife Kitchen and Cafe just proves that wrong. With lovely interiors, friendly staff and amazing food, this is a place you’d definitely not want to miss.

They have great options for all day breakfast and lunch and are very soon going to be open for dinner as well. I think it is a great initiative adopted by these guys to serve drinking water on the house. They also serve complimentary detox water.

We were there for lunch one weekend and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. They have a salad bar with a decent variety of salads with which we started our meal. We got ourselves a mix salad platter with Grilled corn salad, Roasted vegetable salad, Artichoke salad and a Pasta salad. For the drinks we call a fresh Pomegranate juice and fresh coconut water.

We then tried the dishes from their all day breakfast menu and called for a Shakshoumi, a Chia Pudding and a Stacked Bancakes. The Shakshoumi had 2 organic eggs poached in a tomato and capsicum sauce with fried halloumi topped with pesto. I only wish I could have this everyday for breakfast. The poached eggs tasted great in the sauce with pesto enhancing the flavour even more. The Chia pudding is again a lovely breakfast option with chia soaked in almond milk and topped with raspberries, figs and kiwi. You may think that I got the spelling wrong but no – that’s what they are called – the Stacked Bancakes – pancakes made with banana and oats, gluten free, dairy free, topped with raspberries blueberries and almond flakes. Who says delicious food can’t be healthy!

After eating so much, we skipped the sandwiches and the rotation lunch menu and called for a Salmon Fillet. Not many manage to grill a Salmon this perfect yet retain its moisture and flavour. These folks at One Life have sure got it right. Salmon fillet on a bed of minted mushy peas, dressed with pickled beets was a real treat to the tastebuds.

We ended the meal with some very unique desserts and coffee. We were served the Energy Bites. These are balls of raw cacao, dates, coconut oil, flaxseed, almonds, walnuts and coconut flakes. In the coffees, we called for a Macchiato and a Latte.

Thank you team One Life for having us over. It was an absolute delight !


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