Kaffa Beans

Silicon Oasis may seem out of the city but then there is a world out there. Kaffa Beans is a cute cafe with lovely interiors and ample seating. These folks not just serve great food but also have some exceptionally brilliant coffee that is roasted and brewed in-house.The staff working there are friendly and are happy people always have a smiling face. We were served by Louie and Justin.

We were here one evening for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The seating is comfortable and it feels like you are relaxing at home. We were first served the specialities of this place – the coffees ! The man loves a Macchiato but then was suggested to try the Cortado – milk with coffees rather than just the foam. He had no regrets trying this and he enjoyed it. For people who want to have the no caffeine option but want to enjoy their hot drink, they have their decaffenated / rooibos drinks. I tried the Red latte from this selection. It tasted great as well.

After sipping the coffees without any rush we started the meal with a Salmon Quinoa Salad. The quinoa was really fresh and the salad tasted really good. An amazing start to the meal.

We were then served the sliders – Pulled Beef, Spicy Chicken and Prawn Sliders with salad and sweet potato fries on the side. The Pulled Beef sliders were awesome with shredded smoky pulled beef, in-house spicy slider sauce and coleslaw. The Spicy Chicken slider had a spicy chicken breast, fried jalapeño, cheddar cheese and in-house slider sauce. Being a seafood fan that I am, the Prawn slider was my personal favourite; sizzling grilled prawn, in-house spicy slider sauce and coleslaw.

From the mains, we called for a Grilled Atlantic Salmon, a perfectly grilled salmon filled topped with lemon cream sauce and crisp capers, asparagus and mashed potato on the side. Perfectly grilled salmon with some amazing sauce and sides !

Finally in was time for the desserts. We were served a selection of cakes – a Chocolate, Carrot and Pistachio. The cakes were really creamy and soft with the right amount of sugar, just right to satisfy the dessert craving.

An absolutely great evening spent in a lovely cafe. Thank you team Kaffa Beans for having us over.


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