Tamba as the name goes is a kind of metal that utensils were made of and were used for cooking in the earlier days. I was told that this word also connects with food in a lot of other languages as well.

How I only wish that the Abu Dhabi food scene was this happening a few years back when I lived there. Tamba has taken this to the next level. The ambience is classy, the food is delicious and the service is impeccable. Guess what we had the Ambanis and some members of the Royal family dine in here too while we were there.. now that’s not something that happens often.
With restaurants world over trying to Indianise every cuisine, Tamba stands out of the crowd by giving an international touch to Indian food and yet retaining the taste.
Here starts the sage of the culinary journey. For the drinks, I called for a 126 BC. This was a perfect blend of Peach purée, Lime, Rose and Cinnamon soda! The folks at Tamba have put together some exceptionally creative stuff that not just looks good but tastes great too!
We started our grand meal with the Mangalorean Chicken Dosa with Chilli Foam Sauce. I had my doubts on how chicken filling would go with dosa but my doubts vanished in no time.The dosa and the filling tasted great and went very well with the chilli foam sauce – a very creative and innovate way of a transformed South Indian dish.
From the raw section, we had a Spicy Tuna, avocado, chur-muri. It had chunks of spicy tuna and was coated with dehydrated egg yolk that looked like sev.  By now, you may be thinking that a raw salad cannot be an Indian dish but the Indian spices made this dish stand out.
The unthinkable yet delicious combinations followed. We had the King Crab Puri from the Bites sections. I would have never imagined that a puri could be filled with crab meat with the sweet and spicy sauces and taste so amazing.
We the had a salad which had watermelon, arugula, tomato chutney and cheese snow. This was a cold and refreshing salad with the cheese snow melting in the mouth.
Then followed the Bombay Bhaji Rolls Creamy Aampanna; an amazing fusion of Italian and Indian cuisine where bhaji is stuffed into lasagne sheets topped with creamy sauce and vegis😍 Tamba’s version of pav bhaji!
From the Fish and Seafood section, we got the Grilled Chilean Seabass, harra pesto. It was brilliantly succulent and fresh. The fish retains its moisture through the amazing way it is cooked which ensures that the taste is retained as well. The flavour of mint and coriander are perfect and all the flavours were well blended – none overpowering the other.
Then came the Spinach Paratha with Sweet and Sour Pumpkin and tomato salsa. A good option for the vegetarians with a delicious spinach paratha served with sweet and sour pumpkin and tomato salsa.
Back from the veggies, we had the Lamb Chop Teekha – succulent meat, well marinated and well grilled with spices.
This was followed by the Smoked Chicken, tomato gravy, black pepper burrata. There were 2 absolutely unique things about this. One is that the chicken is so tender that it melted as soon as I put it in my mouth. The second being that it was dressed with burrata cheese that made it taste really different and amazing.
For the add ons we had the Kashmiri nan and the Pineapple mirchi paratha from the breads. The pineapple and mirchi in the paratha is a very unique combination and tasted very good. We also had the Crispy Spinach, sesame simmered yoghurt which I would call a fusion of a kadi and a raita.
After such a large spread we came to the interesting section called “the lasting impression”. These are some fancy desserts which are named even more uniquely. We had the Sticky situation – caramelised banana toffee cake, pecan nut praline with cardamom ice cream. We also had the Mumtaz – an ice halwa, strawberry yoghurt parfait, rose & pistachio reduction with strawberry confit. It was then time for a “Break up” to end this meal – a great dark chocolate mousse, peanut semifreddo, salted caramel with chocolate sauce.
Every single dish is unique in its own way and inspired by cuisines across the world however have retained the Indian touch.
We were served by Shaan and a few others. The service was excellent – the staff are extremely friendly and helpful and are very well trained.  They are very well spoken and totally aware of the details of what is being served.
Thank you team Tamba for having us over. It was an absolute pleasure dining with you’ll.

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