Bean There Bistro

Located in the heart of Dubai in the  new block of the Airport Millennium Hotel, this place looks to be the most promising cafe in and around. It reminds me of cafes in Central London which are busy throughout the day serving quick breakfast or lunch to office goers or be a great hang out place in the evenings to catch up with colleagues or friends after work !

The brand Bean There is a part of the Abela group most famous for its institutional catering and this brand is also an upscale coffee shop mostly seen in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Bean There Bistro has evolved from just being a coffee shop to being a full fledged restaurant serving some great food, drinks and sheesha.

The restaurant is right outside the hotel and is very easily accessible. They have both indoor and outdoor seating which I am sure in winter is going to be a hit ! The interiors are modern however give a very warm feeling. There is a reading corner on one side with lots of books so it would be a good idea if you want to sip a coffee or a drink and catch up with some reading. On the other side is some quirky seating with real plants on one wall. A long wood plank cut from a single tree is the bar top with some bar stools for the seating. We were served by Julie and Cristina who were extremely helpful.

For the drinks we opted for the fresh juices a Pineapple and an Orange-Carrot . They were extremely fresh and were served without ice and sugar as we wanted it to be.

The starters are great. The Crab cake, my personal favourite here; sautéed golden brown crab cake with arugula and sun dried tomato. The crab meat is fresh and it is crispy on the outside and soft on this inside, tasted perfect.

Another very unique preparation was the Bacon wrapped date – stuffed tossed almond wrapped with beef bacon and sprinkled with crumbled blue cheese. You eat it all in a bite and with a perfect flavour of sweet and spice bursting in your  mouth.

The Buffalo chicken spring roll – shredded medium spiced buffalo chicken spring rolls with blue cheese dressing. We are not big fans of blue cheese so preferred to eat the spring rolls as it is that tasted a bit bland. We were told that the spice has been reduced in this one based on feedback.

Then followed the salads. We had a Marinated beet and goat cheese salad that looked colourful and tasted great ! It had marinated beetroot , grapefruit, oranges, pistachio, goat cheese, fresh spinach and house vinaigrette.

In the sandwiches, we had the Bean There, an  open Halloumi and moutabel sandwich with watercress, mint and chilli. A great option for vegetarians and for the ones who love moutabel. We also had a Grilled chicken sandwich that had grilled marinated chicken breast with herbed mayonnaise, romaine lettuce and avocado served on ciabatta bread. All the breads are made in house.

A little break and then the main course arrived. The selection here is eccentric, unique and amazing. We had the Lone star chilli pot which had tender minced beef seasoned with chilli, onion, tomato and garlic, slow cooked and served in a pot with corn bread. The husband being a fan of beef throughly enjoyed this one. We also had the Salmon Beurre Blanc – a Norwegian Salmon with white sauce placed on a bed of fresh garden vegetables with skin on grilled potatoes on the side. I promise you I could have this everyday.

A great meal ended with some great dessert. We were recommended to have the Red velvet cake and the Chocolate Mousse. We also tried the Apple Crumble. All of them taste great but the Red Velvet stole the show. The Apple Crumble is also great if you like cinnamon which we do not have much of a liking for.

Thank you team Bean There Bistro for the amazing hospitality and great food.






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