Tomato & Basilico

Its pretty easy for every restaurant to serve pizzas and pastas but its only an authentic Italian restaurant that serves this and many other authentic dishes that also taste as good as you would eat them in Italy.

You will see the passion of Italy from the time you walk in. The interiors are very cafe like with the Italian flag colours used as a theme. Some of the staff are also Italian and so is the Chef. We were served by Simon (pronounced as Simone) who is Italian. He suggested the best on the menu.

We first started with the drinks. Simon suggested we try the fresh fruit juices and we don’t regret going by his suggestion. We had a Pineapple juice, an Ace – Apple, Carrot juice with a tinge of lemon and a Specialissima – pineapple, orange, mint and ginger.

For the starters we were served the Misto Dello Chef – a veg. starter platter that had two types of cheese, the Arancini – rice balls with tomato sauce and mozzarella , and the Ficcatole which were deep fried pizza dough balls. We are not too experimental with the cheese however enjoyed the variety and polished off the fried starters that tasted yummy.

Then came a 3 Amici pizza – tomato and basilico sauce, mozzarella and beef salami, bacon and meatballs. The dough and most of their ingredients used in their dishes come from Italy we were told and we have no doubt about it. The pizza crust was thin and it melted in my mouth. The meat was very tasty as well.

With so much on the menu and to to justice to all we ate, we skipped the pasta and were next served the Lasagna alla Bolognese. This was a lasagna with tomato sauce, beef ragout, mozzarella, fresh cream and parmesan. It was  soft,creamy and was very light on the stomach. It was one of the best on the menu and I’d surely recommend it.

We choose to have a Risotto and Fish for the main course. First came the Risotto alla Pescatora which is a mixed seafood risotto which we called for with only prawns. The prawns in the risotto were perfectly cooked and the risotto tasted good as well. Then came the Zucchini crusted fresh sea bass fillet served with parsley potatoes. I’m not a big fan of zucchini but this one made me change my impression about it. The fish was baked very well and we finished it in no time.

The menu has a lot more options with meat however after eating so much we decided to skip this and directly get the desserts. We knew for sure that we were having the Tiramisu and also asked for another authentic dessert on which we were suggested the Caprese. The Tiramisu was so creamy and it was light as well. The Caprese is a homemade chocolate cake with almonds served with a scoop of ice cream. It was a dark chocolate cake that was perfect and tasted awesome with the ice cream.

Thank you Simon for being so helpful and thank you team Tomato & Basilico for having us over. You’d be one place that will be on my top list of Italian restaurants for sure.


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