Mahdi Restaurant

Great vibe, great food and lovely decor. I knew I was in for a treat the moment I saw the place, it was a saturday night and the place was absolutely packed with a zillion people many of whom were also celebrating their birthdays.With cakes being cut and birthday songs being sung, it was a festive atmosphere.

We called for a Mixed Grill platter that had decent portions of boneless and bone-in pieces of meat served with the authentic saffron rice. It tasted delicious with the kebabs being tender and juicy with a selection of chicken,lamb and minced meat.

For the desserts we called for Zulbia & Bamiyan – a traditional Persian sweet similar to the Arabic sweets like baklava and jelabi. I guess they would taste better if served hot. We also called for a Faloudeh which has frozen starch noodles with rose water and lemon. I guess one has to develop a taste for this as the noodles are not very sweet and the taste of lemon is strong.

This place is a sure not to miss when in London.


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