I was told by a zillion friends before I left for London that Dishoom was a sure not to miss. My curiosity took me here and I now know why people insisted I visit.

These folks serve some great Indian food and their staff are extremely friendly and helpful that you feel at home in hardly any time.

We called for a Far Far, which are the colourful lemony crisps that took me back to my childhood as I ate a lot of them as a kid. We were told their Kheema Pau was a must have so we gave it a try and loved it too. Soft Pav served with well cooked kheema in Indian spices. We called for Chicken Ruby with Romali roti too, it was amazingly delicious and the romali was soft and melted in the mouth with the Ruby Chicken. We then also called for a Steamed rice with Black Daal that was great too. A typical Indian meal and every dish was made well with the perfect amount of spice and tasted great.

We ended the meal with Chilli Ice cream and a brownie. The ice cream was made in-house and was unique. We hadn’t heard of Chilli Ice Cream in the past, It is a sure try at Dishoom.

This place is sure going to be on my list of must visit whenever I am in London.


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